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Power & Leadership Conference
(A six-day residential event - Public sessions only)

"The Power & Leadership Conference...sheds a klieg light on organizational life and how you in particular deal with power -- your own and others."

Fast Company Magazine

What Is The Power & Leadership Conference
(The Power Lab)?

The Power Lab is a 6-day residential learning experience designed for you to

discover and develop your power
find and express your unique voice
deepen your understanding of the dynamics of systems
become more comfortable and effective in dealing with conflict situations
increase the quality of your contributions to your organization
be a more effective leader

The central feature of The Power Lab is The Society of New Hope, a three-class community with sharp differences in wealth and power. You enter this world as either an Elite who owns and controls most of the society's resources, as an Immigrant with little more than the clothes on your back, or as a Middle who needs to function between these two contrasting worlds. This is a total immersion experience covering all aspects of your life for as long as the societal experience lasts.

In this dramatic setting, all the critical issues of power and leadership facing you in your daily life emerge sharply and clearly. Here you have the opportunity to take a good look at your usual way of handling these issues, explore new approaches, and test your full limit.

In this setting you have your own personal coach. Your coach is dedicated to helping you get to the full limits of your power. Your coach is available for consultation, to keep you focused on your goals, to make you aware of choices you are making, and to hold you to high standards of what's possible for you. This power coaching is one of the outstanding features of the Power Lab.

Following the societal experience there is a one-day Organization Workshop in which you play a role different from the one you had in The Society of New Hope. This experience deepens your learning and begins the application to your back-home setting.

What Is Special About The Power & Leadership Conference?

You don't just talk about issues of power and leadership; you live them immediately and directly.
You come face to face with the same issues and challenges of leadership you wrestle with every day, and in this safe environment you can test out new approaches and strategies.
You work directly with your own coach to focus on the areas you want to strengthen.
You explore strategic frameworks based on the work of Barry Oshry designed to open up leadership avenues for moving you and your organization to new levels of performance.
Your experience is both visceral and intellectual and that's why the learning lasts

Who Is The Power & Leadership Conference For?

Leaders at all levels whose organizations face complex and difficult decisions.
Leaders who are taking on increasing responsibilities.
Leaders searching for new thinking to deal with changing conditions.
High potential performers.
Adventurous learners.
Those who coach leaders.

More about The Power & Leadership Conference.

It is the subject of a new award-winning documentary, "The Power Lab: Living In New Hope" (2000).
It was the only U.S. program cited in the BBC's "Omnibus" show on cutting-edge leadership programs, November, 1998.
It is based on the pioneering work of Barry Oshry as described in LEADING SYSTEMS: LESSONS FROM THE POWER LAB (Berrett Koehler, 1999) and SEEING SYSTEMS: UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIES OF ORGANIZATION LIFE (Berrett Koehler, 1996).
It has also been described in GROUPS IN CONFLICT: PRISONS IN DISGUISE by Kenwyn Smith (Kendall Hunt), ADVANCES IN SOCIAL PROCESSES, C. Cooper and C. Alderfer eds. (John Wiley & Sons), and CONTEMPORARY ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT, W.W. Burke ed. (NTL Institute).

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