Barry Oshry's systems perspective provides a simple yet profound lens into life in the organization. A seminal thinker, Barry writes in an accessible and concise style, one that opens up new avenues for successfully impacting the many systems of our lives.

"Oshry, one of the truly great management educators of the era, has offered a whole generation a new way of thinking about leading human systems. Every manager, executive and leader benefits from the insights which jump out of his provocative writings. His ideas will still be sparkling decades from now."

Kenwyn Smith
Wharton Business School and
The Fels School of Government

Seeing Systems:
Unlocking The Mysteries Of Organizational Life

Oshry demonstrates how breakdowns in organizations develop out of our blindness to the human systems of which we are a part. And he shows how powerful, productive and satisfying partnerships are created when we are able to recognize and stop destructive system "dances." SEEING SYSTEMS takes us to a whole new level of understanding of ourselves as human beings. It is like turning on the lights in a room when we thought they were already on.

"This is an incredibly wise book about how each of us behaves in the systems of our lives. Its abundant insights can profoundly affect our perceptions of why we do what we do."

Margaret Wheatley

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