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The Organization Workshop is a dynamic, yawn-free leadership development program for executives and managers that focuses on the worlds of Tops, Middles, Bottoms and Customers during turbulent times. It gets to the heart of partnership in organization life--what makes partnership so critical, what gets in the way of it developing, and what the role of leaders is in making it happen.

The centerpiece of the workshop is an organization exercise in which participants are dropped into roles as top executives, middle managers, workers and customers interacting in a chaotic, fast-paced environment. This visceral approach enables the learning to get beyond the head level to where it really hits home and sticks.

In combination with these engaging,high-energy organization exercises, there are practical strategic frameworks based on the work of Barry Oshry. These frameworks help participants make sense of what they're learning and enable them to make connections to experiences in their own organizations. And there are application activities to keep the lessons alive back in the organization.

Chandigarh, India

Some Key Learning Points.

Participants will

understand intellectually and experience viscerally the differing "worlds" of Tops, Middles, Bottoms, and Customers, and develop concrete strategies for working more constructively across organizational lines
recognize the multiplicity of roles they play, as sometimes Top, Middle, Bottom and Customer. They will recognize and avoid the disempowering pitfalls of each position, and approach each role with more effective behavior.
learn how to build partnership in lateral relationships with their peers and create exciting new synergies
provide leadership that addresses issues systemically rather than personally

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can attend?

The workshop can accommodate 20-50 people at a time.
The Jumbo Organization Workshop can accommodate up to 150 participants. In this version two organizations, each with their own Tops, Middles, and Bottoms, compete for the business of several customers.

How long is the workshop?

Although originally designed as a two-day program, some of our clients with limited schedules use the first day only. We can work with you to ensure you get what you need out of the program in the time you have available.

Can we teach this ourselves?

Yes. We have a Trainer Certification Program so your own qualified trainers can teach this course.

How The Organization Workshop is Used

As a module in leadership, management and executive development programs

As a culture-change intervention with multiple levels in attendance. Goals of such interventions include

  • to improve relationships in cross-functional teams
  • to infuse systems thinking into learning organizations
  • to strengthen the middle level of the organization
  • to support organizations in living their values
  • to strengthen partnership between organizations and their customers
  • to help organizations transition to more participative structures
  • to energize high performance work systems
  • to work more effectively across boundaries
  • to develop an empowered organization from top to bottom


Come observe -- free of charge -- The Organization Workshop: Creating Partnership as it is being delivered to a group of executives or managers. This special offer is available to people with responsibility for establishing a leadership development program within their own organization or for their client systems. A number of Power & Systems' clients graciously allow guests to observe this program as it's being conducted for their leaders. This is an opportunity for those in decision-making roles to evaluate the appropriateness of The Organization Workshop to their organization's own leadership development initiatives. Seats in each program are strictly limited.To check on availability of a session, to make your reservations and receive details, please click here.

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