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Please print this form below, fill in all requested information, and either fax to 888-888-0001 or mail to Power & Systems, Inc., P. O. Box 990288, Boston, MA 02199-0288. Questions may be directed to Power & Systems, Inc. at 617-437-1640.

Order now and receive your free copy of Barry Oshry's provocative new paper, "There Are No New Paradigms...Yet". Available exclusively from Power & Systems.

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_____set(s) of 5 books plus the video @ $115.00 each
_____copy (copies) LEADING SYSTEMS @ $24.95 each
_____copy (copies) SEEING SYSTEMS @ $22.95 each
_____copy (copies) THE POSSIBILITIES OF ORGANIZATION @ $19.95 each
_____copy (copies) IN THE MIDDLE @ $18.95 each
_____copy (copies) SPACE WORK @ $13.95 each
_____copy (copies) TOTAL SYSTEM EMPOWERMENT VIDEO @ $20.00 each

Shipping for U.S. orders: $4.50 for the first item. Add $2.00 for each additional item. Orders are shipped UPS. Orders under $50 must be prepaid by check, money order, American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

* Massachusetts orders add 5% sales tax.

Total Cost: $___________
Payment: Check made payable to Power & Systems, Inc.
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