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Our Mission

Our mission at Power & Systems is to fundamentally transform the way people see the human systems of which they are a part (their organizations, families, communities, nations) and their roles in these systems, for the purposes of eliminating self- and system-destructive behavior, freeing people to reach higher levels of contribution and satisfaction, and elevating their systems to higher levels of performance.

We accomplish our mission through many different media:

High involvement in-house workshops that break down barriers across organization boundaries
(see The Organization Workshop on Creating Partnership)
Intensive public programs that help people find and develop their full leadership potential
(see The Power & Leadership Conference)
Accessible books and publications that illuminate and liberate (see Books and Publications)
Paradigm-shifting presentations that provide insights, models and tools for the challenging processes of creating teamwork among top peers and among middle peers
(see Presentations)
An award-winning documentary that brings issues of power and leadership to life (see "The Power Lab: Living in New Hope" video)

A satiric, hard-hitting musical play that entertains as it challenges (see "What A Way To Make A Living")

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