Worldwide Supplier of Fiber Optic Products. Since 1988, Fico, Inc. has stayed consistently among the leading fiber optic manufacturers and distributors in New England. Our stringent testing standards have placed our cable assemblies, attenuators, and other fiber optic products in the forefront of the fiber optic industry for over a decade.

Fico offers the best quality and quickest turnaround for cable assemblies in the industry. Performance is guaranteed on all of our assemblies whether they are singlemode, multimode, or made from customer-supplied cable. Fico will also accommodate any special requirements that you may have. Our experienced sales department will find the quickest and most efficient solution to meet your most demanding fiber optic requirement(s). When your system depends on a quality fiber optic assembly, depend on Fico to assure you the best assembly possible. Fico maintains competitive pricing while most importantly maintaining high quality assemblies.

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2 Bridgeview Circle, Tyngsboro, MA. 01879
(Call Toll-Free: 800-700-4946; or FAX 978-649-3993)

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Contract Manufacturing, Distribution, High Technology, Materials and Heavy Equipment

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Manufacturing- Contract Manufacturing

AS Twomey Manufacturing provides commercial marine towing as well as IT Consulting services in the regional area of  MA and sources IT Consulting, Licensed Seagoing Crew as a community partner.

Category: It Consulting, Licensed Seagoing Crew

Find out where you can get Syntactic foam. Since 2010, Mica-Tron has been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Syntactic Foam

Find out where you can get phrase. Since 2010, Mica-Tron has been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Phrase

Find out where you can get phrase. Since 2010, Mica-Tron has been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Phrase allows users to search for the best MA Manufacturing for the ideal Custom Polypropylene Tanks company as a community partner.

Category: Custom Polypropylene Tanks

Company profile and product/services listings found at Contract Manufacturing Specializing in the MA industry, they are part of the looking for commercial property management services. section of the directory.Polyfab to solve the day-to-day operational details.

Category: Graduated Cylinders

A Contract Manufacturing company that develops, manufactures and blends performance-enhancing Oven Forming Acrylic for the Manufacturing market.

Category: Oven Forming Acrylic

Based in MA, Polyfab provides Polycarbonate Adhesive Bonding as a Contract Manufacturing engineered plastic fabrications company.

Category: Polycarbonate Adhesive Bonding

Specialize in ergonomic office computer workstation. Proline has, since 2005, been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Ergonomic Office Computer Workstation

Manufacturing- Distribution

Online provider of Scale calibration, scale service, counting scale as an Distribution engineering and consulting manufacturers representative firm.

Category: Scale Calibration, Scale Service, Counting Scale

Manufacturing- High Technology

Sells new membrane switches, rotary switches, custom keyboards at competitive prices, primarily as a High Technology DoD engineering corporation.

Category: Membrane Switches, Rotary Switches, Custom Keyboards

Manufacturing- Materials & Heavy Equipment

Industrial company designs, manufactures and markets products, services and technologies including diamond cup wheels, superabrasives, diamond grinding wheels, precision surface grinding, used in the Materials and Heavy Equipment vertical marketplace.

Category: Diamond Cup Wheels, Superabrasives, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Precision Surface Grinding

JOWA Consilium offer our customers the greatest possible values on quality Metritape, Consilium, Liquid Level Gauging, Tank Level Gauging services. Member since 2001.

Category: Metritape, Consilium, Liquid Level Gauging, Tank Level Gauging


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Worldwide Supplier of Fiber Optic Products. Manufacturer of Cable Assemblies, Fixed & Variable Attenuators, Collimators, OTDR Pulse Suppressors, Fiber Duplication Networks, Component Cleaning Kits, and Accessories. Distribution Items and Services Include But Not Limited To; Connectors, Adapters, Termination Tooling, Termination Kits, Fiber Optic Video Inspection Systems, Test Equipment, Patch Panels, Splice Closures, Couplers, Lasers, Field Service and Comprehensive, Hands-On, Fiber Optic Training Programs.






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