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Contract Manufacturing, Distribution, High Technology, Materials and Heavy Equipment

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Corporate Business

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Manufacturing- Contract Manufacturing

AS Twomey Manufacturing provides commercial marine towing as well as IT Consulting services in the regional area of  MA and sources IT Consulting, Licensed Seagoing Crew as a community partner.

Category: It Consulting, Licensed Seagoing Crew

Find out where you can get Syntactic foam. Since 2010, Mica-Tron has been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Syntactic Foam

Find out where you can get phrase. Since 2010, Mica-Tron has been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Phrase

Find out where you can get phrase. Since 2010, Mica-Tron has been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Phrase allows users to search for the best MA Manufacturing for the ideal Custom Polypropylene Tanks company as a community partner.

Category: Custom Polypropylene Tanks

Company profile and product/services listings found at Contract Manufacturing Specializing in the MA industry, they are part of the looking for commercial property management services. section of the directory.Polyfab to solve the day-to-day operational details.

Category: Graduated Cylinders

A Contract Manufacturing company that develops, manufactures and blends performance-enhancing Oven Forming Acrylic for the Manufacturing market.

Category: Oven Forming Acrylic

Based in MA, Polyfab provides Polycarbonate Adhesive Bonding as a Contract Manufacturing engineered plastic fabrications company.

Category: Polycarbonate Adhesive Bonding

Specialize in ergonomic office computer workstation. Proline has, since 2005, been listed in the Contract Manufacturing directory.

Category: Ergonomic Office Computer Workstation

Manufacturing- Distribution

Online provider of Scale calibration, scale service, counting scale as an Distribution engineering and consulting manufacturers representative firm.

Category: Scale Calibration, Scale Service, Counting Scale

Manufacturing- High Technology

Sells new membrane switches, rotary switches, custom keyboards at competitive prices, primarily as a High Technology DoD engineering corporation.

Category: Membrane Switches, Rotary Switches, Custom Keyboards

Manufacturing- Materials & Heavy Equipment

Industrial company designs, manufactures and markets products, services and technologies including diamond cup wheels, superabrasives, diamond grinding wheels, precision surface grinding, used in the Materials and Heavy Equipment vertical marketplace.

Category: Diamond Cup Wheels, Superabrasives, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Precision Surface Grinding

JOWA Consilium offer our customers the greatest possible values on quality Metritape, Consilium, Liquid Level Gauging, Tank Level Gauging services. Member since 2001.

Category: Metritape, Consilium, Liquid Level Gauging, Tank Level Gauging


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Acme Northeast is a dealer for Sihl USA, Azon and Dr. Graphix Inkjet Media.

Sihl indoor products include:

Coated Matte Papers IPO/HPG
These heavyweight matte papers are designed for color graphics with a variety of printers including HP, CalComp and high resolution Epson and Iris/Scitex machines. Easy to over laminate for durable handling.

Photographic base papers PBM/PBS/PBG
Heavyweight (6.5 mil.) photographic papers for photorealistic images. All three products are coated with the same high ink capacity coating, which eliminates the need ro recalibrate when changing from Gloss to Matte. Our unique texturing process gives our matte paper the same resolution and "punch" as our gloss and satin.

Backlit/Reverse Image Film BLF
View BLF from the front (coated side) for a matte finish backlit or reverse image our film and view the image through the high gloss, scratchproof laminate side, Our Ultra White translucent coating turns clear when ink is applied to it so that reverse printed images are impressive even without backlighting.

Sihl signage and outdoor products include:

Self-Adhesive Matte Paper PSB
Excellent for indoor signage that needs to be mounted. Reduce cost and eliminate an extra step when mounting to foam core, Gator Foam and a variety of other rigid substrates.

Self-Adhesive Matte Vinyl (Removable) ABV
3.4 mil. removable matte vinyl with our unique waterproof coating that is also weather-durable with or without lamination. Fornulated specially for print and cut plotters.

Self-Adhesive Gloss Vinyl (Removable) ABG
Same as ABV but with a glossy (non-waterproof) coating for high quality indoor signage.

Heavyweight DuPony Tyvek Banner (DWT)
The only Tyvek Banner good enough to carry the DuPont name. Our unique waterproof coating is applied to DuPont's heaviest and most durable Tyvek banner material. Virtually indestructible, this Tyvek baner can be sewn, grommeted and hung outdoors with confidence.

NEW SpectraFusion Transfer Papers
This unique, versatile and patented paper makes it possible to producte inkjet images and then transfer them onto hundreds of different materials. Transfer to canvas, poly-satin, and any other fabric, as well as wood, steel, plastics and vinyls. Spectrafusion not only transfers the inkjet image, but also encapsulates and seals the image to the substrate making it waterproof and UV resistant. Works well with dye, pigment, and solvent-based inks.

AZONcolor™ Products

Papers, Films and Specialty Products are specifically are specifically designed for demanding color applications. Their special coatings help you achieve superior imaging quality from your color inkjet plotter. The broad product selection ensures that you will find an AZONcolor™ paper or film for all your imaging needs.


HP DesignJet
 Silver Reflective Film
6 mil.
 Backlit Reverse Printing Film
6 mil.
 Lexan Reverse Printing Film
10 mil.
 Opaque White Glossy Film
4 mil.
 Optically Clear Film
4 mil.
 Tear Resistant Photo Glossy Paper
9 mil.
 Tear Resistant Photo Glossy Paper
5 mil.
 Tear Resistant Semi Matte Paper
9 mil.
 Tear Resistant Semi Matte Paper
5 mil.
 Artist Water Color Paper
10 mil.
 Design Semi Matte Paper
7 mil.
 Color Ink Jet Bond Paper
27 lbs.
 Adhesive Back Glossy Vinyl
4 mil.
 Adhesive Back Opaque White FIlm
4 mil.
 Adhesive Back Optically Clear Film
4 mil.
 Pure White Canvas
10 mil.
 Poly SIlk
4 mil.
 Water Resistant Synthetic Banner
5 mil.

We also support processing chemicals manufactured by Helion Industries and Clayton Chemical.

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