Founded in 1958, Silicon Transistor Corporation (STC) is a leading, privately held manufacturer of hermetically packaged discrete semiconductors for the military, aerospace, and industrial markets. STC's product line encompasses NPN and PNP Small-Signal Transistors, Bipolar Power Transistors, and Darlington Power Transistors.

STC is also a leader in providing custom packaging solutions for demanding industry applications, with extensive experience and capability mounting die from leading manufacturers in a variety of custom packages, including leaded packages, surface mount packages, and multi-chip modules. STC offers a broad range of custom products, including power MOSFET's, IGBT's, Schottky diodes, standard and ultra-fast recovery rectifiers, zener diodes and voltage regulators.

STC is now pleased to announce our newest product, MIL-PRF-19500 Qualified, unipolar and bipolar Transient Voltage Suppressors! Refer to the "PRODUCTS" section on this website for complete details and specifications.

Approvals:MIL-PRF-19500 Qualified to the JANTXV level. Qualifications to more than 35 MIL-PRF-19500 specifications encompassing over 120 individual device types.

Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility located in Chelmsford, MA
The facility is approximately 35,000-sq. ft. with wafer fabrication, assembly and test (including electrical, mechanical, and environmental screening).

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Silicon Transistor Corporation
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