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800 Extra Heavy-Duty, High Torque Coil Winding Machine
800A Drawing
800A Drawing
800B Drawing
800B Drawing
800C Drawing
800C Drawing
800 Extra Large Capacity, High Torque
Coil Winding Machine

The CoilWinder 800 coil winding machine has a four speed gearbox and allows for high torque winding of large, heavy coils. This model will pull multiple heavy conductors.


  1. Three models available:
    800A: Winding headstock
    800B: Winding headstock with tailstock mounted on precision ways.
    800C: Winding headstock, tailstock on precision ways and automatic wire traversing mechanism.
  2. Four speed ranges with variable speed within each range.
  3. Heavy-duty welded steel construction.
  4. Easily adaptable for winding single or multiple coils.
  5. Air and air/oil actuated disc brakes for positive stopping.
  6. Electronic wire guide traverse: Two precision layering styles are provided; Parallel and Spiral (800C).
  7. Setup time is minimized by use of electronic controls for setting wire pitch and stopping at the desired turns count (800C). The operator only needs to enter this data and to set the winding width stops. Winding speed ranges are easily selected.
  8. Reverse bend system eliminates the need for pounding wire or pressing coils into shape, produces tighter coils and uses less wire (800C).

Motor Equipment: 5HP (3.73 kW), 10HP (7.46 kW), or 25 HP (18.65 kW) motor with variable speed, foot controlled, vector drive.

Faceplate: 22" (560 mm) diameter.

Spindle Speeds and Corresponding Torques
5 HP:
0-5 rpm 5252 ft. - lbs. (7121 Nm)
0-8 rpm 3282 ft. - lbs. (4450 Nm)
0-16 rpm 1641 ft. - lbs. (2225 Nm)
0-24 rpm 1094 ft . -lbs. (1483 Nm)

10 HP:
0-10 rpm 5252 ft. - lbs. (7121 Nm)
0-16 rpm 3282 ft. - lbs. (4450 Nm)
0-32 rpm 1641 ft. - lbs. (2225 Nm)
0-48 rpm 1094 ft. - lbs. (1483 Nm)

25 HP:
0-25 rpm 5252 ft. - lbs. (7121 Nm)
0-40 rpm 3282 ft. - lbs. (4450 Nm)
0-80 rpm 1641 ft. - lbs. (2225 Nm)
0-120 rpm 1094 ft. - lbs. (1483 Nm)

Power Requirement: Electrical: 5HP: 220V, three phase, 40amps.
10HP: 460V, three phase, 20 amps
25HP: 460V, three phase, 40 amps.
Other voltages available.
Air: 80 PSI (5.5 bar) at minimal CFM

Spindle Rotation: Either direction can be selected by a switch on the control panel.

Spindle Center Height: 49.5" (1257 mm) from the floor.

Brake: Electromagnetic spring set disc brake (for 5 HP) or air actuated disc brake (above 5 HP) operated by removing foot from variable speed control, by total turns counter or by emergency stop button.

Spindle Brake: Air/hydraulic actuated caliper on 28" (711 mm) disc on the output spindle.

Tailstock: Mounted on precision ways to allow positioning anywhere along winding axis. 4" (102 mm) quill travel. 60° live center in #5 or #6 morse taper.

Maximum Distance Between Centers:
800B & 800C: 65" (1651 mm)

Maximum Swing Diameter:
800A: 98" (2489 mm)
800B & C: 74" (1880 mm)

Maximum Weight Capacity:
30,000 lbs. (13,636 kg) between centers.
5,000 lbs. (2273 kg) cantilevered.
48" (1219 mm) from the spindle.

Machine Control:
A & B Models: Programmable Electronic Counter.
C Model: S-50 winding controller with 50 programmable stops, 7 program capacity, parallel and spiral layering and end stops to define winding width.
(See S-50 page for details)

800A: 4800 lbs. (2182 kg)
800B: 6600 lbs. (3000 kg)
800C: 18000 lbs. (8182 kg)


  1. CoilWinder MP-4 Controller automatically coordinates winding functions and provides for program storage.
    (See MP-4 page for details)
  2. Multi-wire guide assembly.
  3. Pulleys for square and rectangular wire.
  4. Automatic run.
  5. Machine length according to your needs.
  6. Winding area safety devices.
  7. Paper insulation dereeler/tensioners.
  8. Multiple coil winding.
  9. Custom modifications for special applications.

For more information on coil winding equipment and other CoilWinder machines, please contact us at (999) 999-9999 or through our online contact form.

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