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CoilWinder Coil Winding Machines

CoilWinder is a US winding machine company manufacturing medium to large capacity coil winding machines. CoilWinder winding machines are built to handle variety of coil and wire winding applications.

With over 60 years of machine building experience, CoilWinder also specializes in transformer winding machines, wire flatteners, dereelers/tensioners, trickle impregnation machines, mandrels/tooling as well as specialty machines for custom applications.

CoilWinder Products Include:

  1. Coil winding machines
  2. Wire flattening equipment
  3. Transformer winding machines
  4. Foil and strip winder machines
  5. Trickle impregnation machines
  6. Coil winding machine rebuilds
  7. Coil Winding control conversions
  8. Dereelers and tensioner devices
  9. Expandable mandrels and tooling
  10. Generator winding machines
  11. MRI winding machines
  12. Tesla coil winders
  13. Site Map

For more information on coil winding equipment and other CoilWinder machines, please contact us at (999) 999-9999 or through our online contact form.

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