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Rebuild Kit
Machine Rebuild Kit
Rebuild Examples:
  1. Model 400 Winder
  2. Model 500 Winder
  3. Model 600 Winder
  4. Bobifil ER1200 Winder
Machine Rebuilds
and Control Conversions

Rebuilding your coil winder may be a "cost effective" alternative to buying a new one. Whether your winding machine was manufactured by CoilWinder or another manufacturer, we offer anything from small upgrades to complete overhauls of both mechanical and electrical systems.

CoilWinder uses the same high quality parts and components used in our standard product line combined with our ability to custom engineer anything else that is required to rebuild, modify or upgrade your winding machine.

There are several levels of machine control options available with electrical conversion packages, including our MP-4, which provides total flexibility to accommodate your products and application winding requirements.

The control software utilizes standard winding language and can prompt the operator of the winding machine with text messages, alerting them to hand task activities, decreasing training time and increasing product consistency.

Contact us to learn how we can improve your current coil winding system.


  1. Partial or complete rebuilds or modifications including electrical and mechanical.
  2. Paint stripping and repainting.
  3. Increasing machine length or height.
  4. Several levels of control options.
  5. Automatic wire guide systems and components.
  6. Wire tension readouts.
  7. Linear footage counter/readouts.
  8. Insulation handling equipment.
  9. End fill strip assemblies.
  10. Expandable/collapsible mandrels.
  11. Winding tooling.
  12. Chucks and etcetera.
  13. Other standard and custom components and assemblies.

For more information on coil winding equipment and other CoilWinder machines, please contact us at (999) 999-9999 or through our online contact form.

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