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MP-4 Machine Controller
MP-4 Winding Controller
MP-4 Winding Controller

The optionally available CoilWinder MP-4 controller allows for the creation of winding programs that coordinate the motion of the coil winding machine spindle and the servo driven wire guide traverse for precise wire positioning.

Flexible programming compliments basic and complex winding and layering styles. Several "macro" type integral commands simplify program set up for certain wire layering styles. Subroutines (label statements) eliminate repetitive programming of identical layers.

Elements such as pitch, winding area, layering style and wire guide direction can change within a single program. This allows for one program to wind several coil designs as in winding the primary and secondary of a transformer or winding series coils. Complex wire guide motions may be programmed.


  1. Each programmed coil can be stored with a unique name of your choice (up to {8} characters). Up to 650 lines of programming space per coil. On board memory can store approximately 800 or more typical programs.
  2. Additional program storage on board or by networking to another computer.
  3. Programs may be developed, edited, saved or deleted right at the MP-4 Control or on a computer.
  4. Messages up to 30 characters in length may be displayed throughout the program to alert the operator to procedures, material use or as a tutorial for the coil wind process. Minimizes operator training on specific coil designs and provides for more consistent windings.
  5. Setup time is minimized as data such as wire guide pitch, slow down and stopping points, winding direction and layering type (parallel or spiral), etc., are stored and recalled within the programs.
  6. Various displays may be viewed while running a program. These include current turns count, layer, elapsed time since starting the program, pitch, wire guide position, spindle rpm and others. The default display is turns count.
  7. The CoilWinder MP-4 can continue running from the same place following a shutdown or power loss. After powering back up, pressing the RESET button will bring you back to the same place in the program as when the loss of power occurred. With the MP4, it is also possible to start from somewhere other than the beginning of the program by entering proper turns count, step number and other data specific to where you wish to begin within the program.
  8. Additional I/O is available as an option to control remote devices for further automation.

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