SLIMB Bearings

  1. Specify SLIMB Bearing model numbers which satisfy your requirements.
  2. Specify relative axis of SLIMB Bearing journal travel. See Drive Bearings.
  3. Specify wrench model number, if required.
  4. The exterior finish of standard SLIMB Bearings is cadmium plate, yellow chromate, per specification QQP-416, Type 2, Class 2. Should your requirement dictate other finishes such as chrome or nickel plating, etc., please specify. Special finishes can be supplied to satisfy your special needs.
  5. Standard SLIMB Bearings specified on the Standard Bearings and Drive Bearings pages are shielded units. If sealed units are required, please specify. Such units will be supplied on a quoted basis.
  6. If your application utilizes SLIMB Bearings for steering, please specify. The keyways in the SLIMB Bearings journal will be reoriented 180 degrees out of phase before shipment. This procedure will allow the keyways on the connecting shaft to be machined in line or in phase.

Roll Assemblies
Please specify the following roll assembly parameters. Refer to the Roll Assemblies page.

  1. Roll outside diameter, D.
  2. Corresponding thru shaft diameter, E.
  3. Face length, F. If the inside framework dimensions F + 2B is the critical dimension, please specify. Also if the roll face length (which corresponds with the inside framework dimension) is too long, specify both dimensions.
    4. Deviations from standard roll specifications.
    5. Special instructions concerning plating, rubber covering, etc.

Shipping Instructions
1. Please specify special packaging and carrier instructions when required.

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