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Recommended Links

These are links that have recommended by our community members. Please let us know if you have a new one! We are interested in links for services, products and information that are nationally applicable, or, cover a large geographic (multi-state) area.


Canes and Walking Sticks
Wheelchairs and Scooters
Communication devices
Medical products and services
Legal information, resources and services
Career and employment
Sources of free or low cost drugs
Emergency response and assistance systems
For caregivers
For parents
Related organizations
Aide Dogs
Other links

Canes and walking sticks

Allysa Medical Products  Hand painted and fabric-covered canes and other mobility products and helpful hints, highly recommended by community.
Autofold, Inc.  Decorative and unusual canes from around the world.
Bruce Medical Supply
Canes and Such  Many interesting and unusual canes including seat canes.
Canes and walking sticks List
Canes Canada  Stylish daily use and collectors' canes and walking sticks.
Canes Galore  Claims to have the largest assortment of canes online.
Exerstrider Poles  Fitness walking poles.
House of Canes  Impressive selection plus tips on selecting the right cane, send in your own fabric for a fabric-covered cane, highly recommended by community.
Leki Hiking and Trekking Poles 
Mayo Clinic - Choosing What's Right  How to select the right type of device.
Ray's Cane Co Unusual hand-made wooden walking canes, made to order.
The Cane Lady  Hand painted canes, painted to order.
Walking Equipment  Variety of walking aids, a "buying guide" provides information on how to match a walking device with personal needs.

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Wheelchairs and Scooters

AbleProject  Mission is to empower people with disabilities and care providers and to locate needed devices faster, easier, and at a competitive price.
Absco mobility equipment.
Bruce Medical Supply  A leading health and medical supplier.
Disabled Dealer  Access to new and pre-owned adaptive equipment, services, resources, and events throughout the nation.
Pride Mobility  Leading designer and manufacturer of power wheelchairs, electric scooters and life chairs.
Electric three-wheel bikes  by Palmer Industries.
EZ Chair  A wheelchair you pedal.
Horizon Mobility  Mission is to provide assistance, information, and service to seniors and physically handicapped individuals, serves individuals in 19 states.
Mobility and Transportation List.
Rascal scooters and powerchairs.
Remote Ability
SpinLife  Huge selection of wheelchairs, scooters, and accessories.
Wheelchair Junkie Offers lots of helpful information and a message board.
Wheelchair pouches and bags 
Wheelchair Travel Cases  Protects wheelchairs or scooters from airline damage.
Wheelchairs and Scooters  Contains good information about maintenance and how to select a chair, scooter, or dealer.

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Communication devices

Asyst  Communication and home control products.
Bruce Medical Supply  Features speech aids.
ChatterVox Voice amplification system.
Communication aid Manufacturer's Association  Non-profit organization representing the world’s leading manufacturers of AAC software and hardware technology.
Communication Independence for the Neurologically Impaired, disseminates information about communication technology.
Communications aids list.
Enkidu Research  Researches new augmentative techniques and communication interfaces.
E-trioloquist  PC-based communication aid, serves as an electronic voice for those who can't speak on their own.
International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Motor Speech Disorders  Treatment.

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Medical products and services

Access Industries  Stairway lifts, wheelchair lefts, elevators.
Assistive Technology Library of Alaska  Assistive devices plus manufacturing of special items.
Bruce Medical Supply  Leading health and medical supplier.
Disability Products Postcards  Product information source.
Dynamic Living  Aids to daily living.
Dysphagia Resource Center  Resources for swallowing and swallowing disorders.
Independent Living Products  Aids to daily living.
M.O.M.S. - Mail Order Medical Supply  Wide variety of products.
Mobility, Inc.  Mobility assistance devices.
North Coast Medical  Aids to daily living.
Residential Elevator  Allows mobility impaired people to move from one floor to the other.
Sammons Preston  Aids to daily living.
The Boulevard  Directory for disability-related products and services.

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AbleData's Informed Consumer's Guide to Accessible Housing
Accent Products  "Ideas for Making Your Home Accessible" booklet.
Accessible apartments  National database of accessible apartments.
Accessible Bathroom Fixtures  from the Bob Vila Website.
Accessible Bathroom Plans  from the Bob Vila Website.
Accessible Housing Plans  Accessible Versions of 77 UDA Ideal Home Plans.
ALFA Consumer Information and Resources  Assisted Living Federation of America provides a consumer checklist and other information about assisted living.
Assisted Living INFO  Tools to help evaluate needs, facility selection tips, and a map-based search engine to find a facility near family and friends. Click on the "Consumers' Corner" link for lots of great resources.
Home Modification  Publication of the National Rehabilitation Information Center.
Iowa State University Extension  Home Modification and Repair.
Iowa State University Extension  Universal Design and Accessible Housing Resources.
National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification
NCAL Consumer Guide to Assisted Living  The National Center For Assisted Living represents the assisted living industry's perspective.
Ramps and Lifts
Sizing Up Assisted Living   CNN article about assisted living.
Universal Design - Does Your Home Fit Your Needs?
Wheelchair Accessible Homes  Classified ads for accessible housing, find realtors who specialize in accessible housing.

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Legal information, resources and services

Americans with Disabilities Act homepage
Handicapped Individuals and the Law
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center  ADA Statute, Regulations, ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines), Federally Reviewed Tech Sheets, and Other Assistance Documents.
Code of Federal Regulations  A codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.
Enforcement Guidance  Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship Under the ADA, clarifies the rights and responsibilities of employers and individuals with disabilities regarding reasonable accommodation and undue hardship.
National Patient Advocate Foundation  Policy organization committed to national and state initiatives that enhance and ensure patients' access to care and reimbursement.
American Association of People With Disabilities  The largest national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the US, dedicated to ensuring economic self-sufficiency and political empowerment for Americans with disabilities, works in coalition with other disability organizations.
Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities  A coalition of 100 national disability organizations working together to advocate for national public policy that ensures the self determination, independence, empowerment, integration and inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in all aspects of society
The Council for Disability Rights Advocates the rights of people with disabilities.
U.S. Department of Justice Service Animal Information  Provides information about legal requirements regarding individuals who use service animals.
Yahoo Disabilities News
Ragged Edge Online  News regarding disability issues.

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Career and employment

DRM Regional Resource Directory  Link to find the vocational rehabilitation program in your state  (every state has a federally funded agency that administers vocational rehabilitation, supported employment and independent living services).
Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association  Non-profit professional association whose members serve people to match them with training, careers, and employment.
JobAccess  A place where people with disabilities can seek employment, also has a Resume Builder. 
Do It!  Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology works to increase the participation of the disabled in academic programs and careers.
President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities  Seeks to facilitate the communication, coordination and promotion of public and private efforts to enhance the employment of people with disabilities.
The Job Accommodation Network  International, toll-free consulting service providing information about job accommodations and the employability of people with functional limitations.
Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns  Attempts to make Kansas the number one state in the nation for employment of people with disabilities.
Volunteer Match  Committed to bringing volunteers and service organizations together on behalf of community needs nationwide.
National Disability Mentoring Day Promotes career development for students and job-seekers with disabilities through job shadowing and hands-on career exploration.

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Access-Able Travel  Tips plus a travel database with accessibility information.
Accessible Travel  Moss Rehab Resource Net.
Accessible Vacation Home Exchange  Swap homes with other persons with similar needs in other parts of the world.
Ford Mobility Motoring Program  Provides financial assistance up to $1,000 for the installation of adaptive equipment (any device that makes it easier for persons with disabilities to drive or to be transported in a vehicle)  to a new 2002, 2003 or 2004 Ford, Lincoln or Mercury car, van or light truck.
Ability Equipped  Accessible motor homes, can include features including wheelchair lifts, roll-in showers, conveniently located controls and other items.
Adaptive Adventures  Outdoor sports and recreation.
Adaptive Sports Center  Non-profit organization that provides year-round recreation activities for people with disabilities and their families.
Disability Travel  Designs accessible holidays and escorts groups on vacations for slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends.
Emerging Horizons  Magazine about accessible travel.
Freedom Motors  Alternatives to a full-size handicapped lift van or side entry lowered floor minivan.
Global Access  Disabled Travel Network; tips, links, articles, resources, message board.
Infinitec Accessible Travel Information  Nice section on accessible travel.
Society for Accessible Travel  Provides information on air, rail and bus travel, hotels and services worldwide.
Wilderness Inquiry  Outdoor adventure trips.

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Ability Magazine 
Caregiver Magazine 
Disability Resources Monthy
Emerging Horizons
Exceptional Parent Magazine 
New Mobility Magazine
Ragged Edge Magazine
Self Care Now Booklets

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Sources of free or low cost drugs

Cost containment research

Cost cutting advice
Disability Resources

List of resources on the new Medicare drug benefit
National Organization for Rare Disorders

Patient assistance programs list for those without insurance

Drug price comparison
The Medicine Program

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Emergency response and assistance systems

Avoiding Problems with PERS  Consumer information.
Personal Emergency Response Systems  An FTC informational site created in cooperation with the American Association of Retired Persons.

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For caregivers

AARP's Caregiving Webplace  Offers support, long term care financing, help with home care and housing options.
Caregiver Magazine 
Caregiver Network  Based in Toronto Canada; provides an information source for caregivers and a bulletin board.
Caregiver Survival Resources  Helps people cope with the demands of being a caregiver, offers links, books recommendations, bulletin boards, etc.
Caregiving Online   Offers support, information and resources for caregivers; subscription fee applies to the monthly newsletter but there are good tips online.
Through the Looking Glass  TLG has pioneered clinical and supportive services, training and research serving families in which one or more members - whether parent or child - has a disability or medical issue.
Tips for Caregivers
Ways to Help A Caregiver
Focus On You  A free monthly e-mail newsletter.

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For Parents

Bandaides and Blackboards  About growing up with medical problems, seeks to help people understand what it's like from the perspective of children and teens.
Exceptional Parent Magazine  Information, support, ideas, encouragement and outreach for parents and families of children with disabilities and for professionals.
Parents with Disabilities Online  Guide to resources for people with disabilities.
SNAP Online  Special Needs Advocate for Parents provides information, education, and advocacy for families with special needs children, quarterly newsletter.

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Aide Dogs


American Dog Trainers Network 

Canine Assistants

Canine Companions

East Coast Assistance Dogs

Northwest Aide Dog Foundation

National Education for Assistance Dog Services

Service Dog FAQ 

Wolf Packs - Service Dogs Directory

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Related Organizations

Ability Awareness  A non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities through housing, education, employment, media and volunteer opportunities.
ALS Association  Promotes fund raising for research and provides referrals, equipment loan programs and assistance to patients.
American Association of People with Disabilities The largest national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the United States.
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association  Provides information about communication disorders and serves as a referral system.
Communication Independence Information about communication technology.
Disability Info  Web-zine dedicated to advancing an exchange of information and research about the international independent living movement.
Disability Resources  Nonprofit organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability and accessibility of information.
Easter Seals  Helps children and individuals with disabilities and special needs.
Genetic Alliance  International of millions of individuals with genetic conditions and more than 600 advocacy, research and health care organizations.
Institute on Independent Living Serves self-help organizations of disabled people who work for equal opportunities, self-determination and self-respect, offers training materials, technical assistance and information on personal assistance, advocacy, access, legislation and peer support.
Mountain States Genetics Network  Medical genetics knowledge and resources.
Muscular Dystrophy Association  PLS and HSP are not included in the diseases covered by the national MDA. However, many local MDA groups do provide service and resources for those with HSP and PLS. Check with your local MDA office.
National Ataxia Foundation  This organization welcomes people with HSP although HSP is not one of the Ataxia disorders, 45 affiliated Chapters offer support group meetings (note: HSP is frequently initially diagnosed as Ataxia).
National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders
National Institutes of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke
National Organization for Rare Disorders  Federation of voluntary health organizations, committed to the identification, treatment and cure of rare disorders.
World Wide Education and Awareness for Movement Disorders  Comprehensive resource for movement disorder information and activities.

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Other links

Access Expressed  Information about accessibility of hundreds of arts and cultural facilities around the USA.
Adaptations by Adrian  Clothing adapted for wheelchair users
Brain Facts  Primer on the brain and nervous system (pdf file)
Buckmasters Disabled Services  Comprehensive site for disabled hunters
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Disabled Sports
Disabilities Books 
Disability is Natural  Public speaker, author, businesswoman promoting "Disability is Natural" theme
Disability Resource Site  Disability links and resources

Disabled Gardening  Garden tools for the disabled
Disabled Peoples' International   Huge collection of links, organized by country
EMG and NCV tests  from the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
Enabled Gardener 

Gardening for the Disabled  Products (click Gardening link on left Navigation column)
Genetics Home Reference  from National Institutes of Health
Interwork Institute Links Links page containing many different categories
Life @ Home  Provider of home modification products and services to create a healthier living environment through preventative home modifications
Muscle biopsy tests  from the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
Pharmacology at the Mining Co.
PubMed search for journals
Raised Bed Gardening
State Resource Directory  Find disability organizations or agencies in your state
Stem cell research (NIH)
TRI Online!  Thousands of disability related links, plus a mailing list

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