UV Lasers

Laser Science, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of pulsed nitrogen lasers for radiation at 337 nm.

Visible Through Near-IR Lasers

Our nitrogren pumped dye lasers cover the range from 360 nm to 950 nm. Choosed between fixed frequency and tunable models.

IR Lasers

Compact, sealed -TEA CO2 lasers supply pulsed radiation at 9.3, 9.6, 10.3, or 10.6 m in the IR.

Laser Accessories

We design fiber optic couplers, laser to microscope adapters, and modular holders for filters, attenuators, energy meters, and other optical components.

OEM Lasers and Services

All capabilities are available on an OEM basis. We urge you to discuss your requirements on a confidential basis. We can be very accommodating.

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