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Lab Testing From AdmixShould your processing needs require small scale batches from 2 liters to 20 gallons, Admix offers many alternatives with our line of bench scale and pilot plant high shear mixers. The table below is a summary of our product offerings to suit your particular volume by application.












Volume Application Product Options & Features
2-12 Liters(1/2 to 3 Gallons) Processing BenchMix OPLB-250 or -275 with 1/2 Hp, 10,000 rpm operation - Rotosolver or Rotostat mixing heads
  Processing or Scale Up BenchMix OPLB-300 with PLC controls for measuring tip speed, mixing intensity, turnover rate and pumping. Available with high shear mixing heads and props.
5-20 Gallons Processing or Scale Up RS-02 (Rotosolver) or XP-02 (Rotostat) with 1 Hp drives and integrated lift stand to support mixer

Complete details and specifications on all mixers can be found by clicking the Equipment tab above and choosing BenchMix - or by utilizing any of the hotlinks on this page.


For information on our in-house lab capabilities or in-plant demonstration at your facility, please refer to Lab Testing.



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