Intank Batch Processing - Find Your Mixer

Batch ProcessingGeneral Blending - For simple miscible fluids (i.e. water and alcohol) of various volumes and densities (i.e. different food oils).



Dissolving - For simple wetting out of a powder or solid material that completely dissolves in water or other liquid, i.e. sugar, salt in less than saturation concentration. High shear is preferred and will always be faster and more efficient, low speed may be acceptable where mix time is not a factor.



Dispersing - Where powders or solids are introduced into a liquid at a rapid rate to insure a thorough distribution for a homogeneous product. Many powders can be dispersed to form a slurry where the mixed viscosity stays constant or can be followed by a hydration stage where viscosity may build. High shear is necessary for effective dispersion.



Emulsification - Typically involving immiscible liquids as in oil and water, and consisting of a continuous and a dispersed phase. An emulsifying or stabilizing agent (surfactant) is needed for stability. Could produce very high viscosities. High shear is always recommended.



Particle Size Reduction / Deagglomeration - Shear combined with physical impact causes particles or droplets to be reduced to smaller diameters. This is based on the tip speed and mechanical design of the shear head. High shear mixers manufactured by Admix will typically provide particle or droplet size reduction in the range of 0.5 to 5 microns, with better than 90% distribution under 3 microns.



Hydration - Typically follows dispersion of a viscosity building gum or hydrocolloid. Once the gum is rapidly dispersed, hydration normally begins immediately and could take from seconds to several minutes. Examples include starches, soy, pectin, xanthan gum, CMC, etc.



Holding Tanks - Where fluids need to be agitated to keep contents in motion and prevent stratification or settling. Generally does not require high shear mixing.


  • Rotomixx - 350 to 1750 RPM (Low Shear)


CIP (Clean-in-Place) Applications

Most equipment manufactured by Admix is specifically designed to allow easy cleaning either manually or cleaned-in-place with spray balls or mechanical equipment. Our Rotosolver provides the ultimate in cleanability as there are no hidden crevices or surfaces.



3-A Symbol Authorization

Most equipment manufactured by Admix has been granted 3-A TPV Symbol Authorization and meets the requirements of the applicable Standards.

  • Rotosolver - Standard #73-01

  • Rotomixx - Standard #73-01

  • Boston Shearmill - Standard #36-01

  • DynaShear - Standard #35-02

  • Admixerâ„¢ - Standard #35-02