Medical Transcription

Get infoIn NTI's Medical Transcription program, students will learn the activities performed by a Medical Transcriptionist in a medical setting where documents are to be converted from the spoken word to printed form. The course prepares students to transcribe the most common medical documents. Through our comprehensive medical transcription training, students can equip themselves with the perspective and capacity for decision making they will need later to adapt their knowledge and skills to any situation they encounter in the home or office. Students may also choose to take additional and more advanced courses such as Anatomy and Physiology.


Program Objective

What Our Clients' Say About Us Graduates of the Medical Transcription programs will have the knowledge and ability required for entry-level employment in physicians' offices, hospitals, clinics, major medical corporations and private transcription business. Graduates understand medical terms, their meanings, spelling and pronunciation, and possess practical, hands-on experience in the Medical transcription skills required for this career.

This program also prepares graduates for national certification.


Job Outlook

Employment opportunities for Medical Transcriptionists are projected to grow 21% to 35% faster than the average for all occupations through 2010*.

Employment opportunities for medical records and health information technicians are expected to grow by 49% from now through 2010.*

*U.S. Department of Labor


Course Delivery

Everyone learns differently. NTI's exclusive "FLEX-TRAIN" was designed to address each student's individual learning style and rate. Our unique blended learning format was created especially for adult learners, and offers a high degree of flexibility. This innovative and successful approach sets NTI apart from other schools.

Our programs allow you to progress through material with the aid of one-on-one instruction, multimedia software, interactive courseware, and measurement testing. And because our learning model is so flexible, NTI students can match their training schedule to the demands of their personal lives.


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