Do you ever wonder why most people just don't get the skills and training they need to not only succeed but grow in their careers? It usually comes down to one simple issue - Time!

People just don't have the time. Between work and taking care of their families, there's just no way they can commit to a rigid training schedule at the local college or University. If you miss a class or two because the kids are sick, or something comes up unexpectedly at work, you fall behind in your coursework and it can be difficult or even impossible to catch up. These limitations apply to virtually every kind of training imaginable.

With NTI's FLEX-TRAIN, you are assigned your own Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). You're not part of a classroom of 20 or 30 students that are training on the same material, at the same time. You're working at your own pace and schedule! Go as fast as you want, or take your time.


The Difference is FLEX-TRAIN

The FLEX-TRAIN approach to learning utilizes a variety of learning delivery mechanisms to achieve a total learning solution. Instead of simple classroom stand-up instructor led training, we augment and "blend" your training experience to help you better assimilate the knowledge and skills being taught.



  • No Lectures, More Hands-On.
  • Higher Retention.
  • One-on-One Instruction.
  • Robust and Interactive Courseware hosted on NTI's Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Flexibility and Convenience - Our instruction allows you to complete assignments according to your own schedule.
  • You Control the Pace - Learn quickly, or take your time. You're always in control.
  • Solid Outcomes, Fast - Learn in an effective and efficient manner. Real-world scenarios, measurement testing/examinations help insure that you have obtained and retain the skills you seek.


To speak to an admissions representative about registering, or program scheduling, call us at: 999.999.9999






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