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WincoID has been a leading force in the autoID business since 1980. We deliver complete, integrated solutions, using world-class resources and provide the support for successful installations.

Our customers - the reason for everything we do.

Requirements Analysis
Part of a good design is great planning. WincoID's team starts by building a solid foundation. We take into account the specific elements of your business, solution and physical environment when designing an application solution. The result is a successful implementation and seamless integration with your current operation.

System Configuration
We use our industry knowledge to select the best products and design systems that maximize your current investment and grow as your company grows.

Our consulting services are backed by Winco's expertise in data collection, mobile computing and wireless networking. Our broad experience in the electronics, manufacturing, and healthcare industries position us to address industry-specific, complex, technical issues that affect your business. We help you choose the right technology for your operation at reasonable rates to match your budget.

Installation Services
One of the biggest reasons automatic ID systems fail is poor implementation. Our team of experts is on site at your facility to test equipment, integrate with existing systems, and making sure the new system performs as expected thus minimizing the impact on current operations.

Winco has a team of people to assist you in training end-users to use software, hardware, application solution programs and custom programming at your company.

Project Management
We have carefully formed our team of highly trained professionals which are available to you whenever you need them. We work with you every step of the way from defining your exact needs, designing systems, installation to after-the-sale support.

RF Services
Wireless technology is changing more rapidly than any other segment of the data capture industry. The need to increase productivity and decrease costs is pressing business to move to wireless. Manufacturers are responding and a broader product and service selection is available than ever before. WincoID is committed to on-going training for our support team to keep pace with the current trends.

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