What Bar Code Technology Has To Offer Your Business

What can bar code technology offer you? At the core, bar code technology offers faster, more accurate collection and processing of data. Bar coding can increase your data accuracy by eliminating human error when information is entered. At the same time, bar coding increases your operating efficiency by capturing data within your process as it happens, and eliminating time-consuming, redundant data entry. Bar code data collection systems:

Reduce data entry errors.
Provide extensive data validation.
Capture more data and more accurate data.
Reduce data collection time and labor.
Increase operating efficiency.
Provide the basis for better business decisions.
Based on accurate and timely information.

Bar Codes

Choosing the Right Bar Code for Your Application

The first pattern that included some bar code basics was issued in 1934. With nearly 300 codes on the market today, choosing the right linear, 2-D symbology or a combination of many to fit your application may not be a simple process to go on your own. Winco's team is specially trained in symbology, applications, hardware, and software. Backed by world-class global leaders, Winco is uniquely positioned to provide solid, reliable systems that are right for you now and as your business grows.

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Applications Where A Bar Code System Can Improve Your Business

By adding the ability to accurately and quickly collect information from business activities, bar code systems can have a real effect on your bottom line.Typical applications include the following:

Asset Management
Time and Attendance
Shop Floor Tracking
Tool Crib Management
Warranty Tracking
Warehouse Management

Inventory: Monitor stock levels, record transactions and tie that data back into your purchasing, shipping, accounting and planning systems. Implement "just-in-time" (JIT) manufacturing using up-to-the-minute inventory data on raw materials, components, and finished goods. You can even track POs, invoices, and serial numbers. Eliminate bad counts and other human errors.

Asset Management: Inventory your fixed assets and monitor their use. Eliminate manual data entry. Track assets by location or personnel. Depreciate assets and plan for new acquisitions. Track routing, job/manufacturing scheduling and production. Verify machine data.

Time and Attendance: Completely automate employee monitoring. Plan staffing and shifts. Connect to payroll system and human resources.

Shop Floor Tracking: Track Work in Process (WIP), manage parts, orders, workflow, employees, assembly, and shipment.

Tool Crib Management: Track tools by location, serial number, and responsible employee.

Warranty Tracking: Monitor and control repair and support with complete warranty information. Track by issue date, expiration date, level of service, service contracts, customer, part number, and serial number. Use information for customer service as well as quality control and vendor review.

Shipping/Compliance: Track by customer, product, destination, lot carrier, and more. Make the shipping decisions designed to meet customer expectations and save you money. Track shipments in transit, eliminate lost shipments, and missed shipments. Make sure orders match shipments, and comply with major industry and retail specifications.

Warehouse Management: Warehouse and logistic operations will prosper or fail based on the ability to manage volumes of information rapidly, efficiently, and flexibly. Move goods to the end-user faster, more frequently, with fewer errors, for less money. Remotely record receipts against POs and print labels for incoming goods. Use system intelligence for "put away" advice. Pick by order, due date, log weight, and more. Double check all shipments, produce comprehensive reports. Use a warehouse profile to maximize material handling efficiency. Perform cycle counting, productivity tracking,and generate custom reports.

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The Importance of Selecting the Right Bar Code Vendor

Bar code systems can help you to streamline your operations and increase productivity and efficiency by capturing critical data and making that data available for tracking and control in real-time. By implementing the right bar code system, you can realize better control of sales, inventories, fixed assets and their use, documents, warranties, service agreements, shipments, schedules, tools and employees. In order to implement a system that will specifically fit your business needs, you will need the help of a bar code expert - Winco.

Winco Identification Corporation is a worldwide recognized leader in the field of automatic identification and labeling systems. At Winco we offer complete solutions by solving application and productivity needs with labeling and bar code solutions. Winco has a reputation as an innovative problem solving company with many of the top Fortune 500 companies in the electronics, manufacturing, and retail industries, including AT & T, Walmart and Sears. Winco works with these companies to design, implement and support automatic identification systems that enhance productivity for them and their customers.

Bar coding has become the key technology for implementing automation in a wide range of applications, from warehousing and shipping, through manufacturing, health care, retail and many more industries. With the right bar code system, you can track work in progress, better manage fixed assets, improve inventory control, and significantly enhance receipt of materials, order processing and shipping with less than one transposition error in 3,000,000 scans.

Winco delivers a full line of bar code products including label printers, portable data collection devices, laser scanners, wedge/wand scanners, label printing software, label supplies, ribbons, preprinted labels and application software. We are your partner with the highest quality products, such as DATAMAX, Zebra, MARS, PSC and SYMBOL, to name a few. As an industry leader Winco provides our clients with solutions, not just product. We are the complete source for our clients and are able to help them with all aspects of the bar code process from solution implementation, to support and service. Our application specialists and technical support professionals are factory trained and familiar with many types of bar code printers, data collection devices and software products. Our staff delivers the best products, application software, functional specifications, systems analysis, repair and support, and fast delivery of consumables.

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