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'Paragon is the best-in-class for versatility, ease-of-use and quality.'

The PARAGON print-and-apply system is today's quality and cost-effective solution for labeling products, cartons, cases and pallets. This innovative print-and-apply system produces high quality labels on-demand and applies them automatically in a single, easy operation. Because you don't have to inventory preprinted labels, you'll eliminate the cost of obsolete labels. Expanding on next-off technology, PARAGON uses every label, eliminating label waste. And if you're now using hand-applied labels, you can save dramatically on labor costs while improving quality, appearance and productivity. From its attractive purchase price to its rugged and precision engineering, the PARAGON system has set a new standard in print-and-apply labeling. Read on...and DISCOVER THE PARAGON DIFFERENCE.

Paragon Label Machine


Paragon Applicators are ideal for a wide range of packaging and product labeling including:
packaging Small delicate packaging and pressure-sensitive labels for a large variety of surfaces and products.
Large shipping jobs such as crates and pallets.
Variable carton and case sizes that cover a wide array of packaging needs.

Preprinted and blank labels
The PARAGON system is from Winco, a labeling leader since 1980. Our commitment to quality labeling solutions isn't limited to equipment. We can also provide quality labels and thermal transfer ribbons for use with the PARAGON system. Competitively priced blank labels allow you to print the entire label with the PARAGON system. Or, custom labels can be preprinted and/or flood-coated to include a colorful logo and artwork for on-demand printing of the variable label information with the PARAGON.

Penalty-free compliance labeling-these and more...
NLEA Ingredient/Nutrition Facts Panel SCC-14 Retail Shipping Label
AIAG B10-Automotive Shipping Label EIA/Electronics Shipping Label

The PARAGON system is the easy and affordable solution for producing compliance labels that won't be rejected.

Just the Right Applicator
Paragon applicators provide you with a complete labeling system able to handle a wide range of packaging and product labeling needs. Whether your line requires labels for cartons, cases, pallets, or smaller delicate products, let Paragon print-and-apply applicators provide the solution you're looking for.

Dual Tamp Vacuum Blow
Standard Tamp Dual Tamp Vacuum Blow
Roll Corner Wrap
Roll On Applicator Corner Wrap Applicator

For more detailed information on the Paragon line of print-and-apply applicators, click here.

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