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Today's business is competitive and moves fast. Smart businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity throughout the supply chain. More and more companies are turning to wireless technology to cut costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Why Wireless?

Why WincoID
RF Computing - System Configuration
RF Site Survey
RF System Design and Project Management
Learn more about RF Data Collection and how it works

Why WincoID?

WincoID offers the system hardware, software and most importantly, the services to ensure maximum support and success. Our team is specially trained to configure, install, train and support an interactive system that leverages the full power of your ERP System. We partner with world-class, global manufacturers to provide the best hardware/software tools. We work with you to understand your needs and goals. A system proposal includes a clear summary of findings, hardware and services listing to meet your requirements and define the scope of your system.

RF Computing - System Configuration (Hardware and Software)

The latest in wireless RF technology lets you process information in real time for an extra competitive edge. Symbol's Spectrum24Ò is a powerful wireless LAN designed to comply with IEEE802.11 international standard for wireless communications. Symbol's Spectrum24 system offers high performance, compatibility with current technologies, and easy integration of future applications tools.

WincoID offers a range of turnkey software solutions or our experience staff to design and program the right application software for your needs. We build and deploy software solutions specifically for mobile enterprise applications using a flexible rapid application development platform to connect Symbol handheld devices to mission critical enterprise data. Our tool kit includes tool tracking, asset tracking, warehouse management, compliance labeling, WIP and many more.

RF Site Survey

An RF site survey is a technical study of your facility to determine the configuration of a radio frequency system to ensure secure communications. The survey defines the placement of the RF transceivers and repeaters so the system will provide radio coverage where necessary. An authorized site survey guarantees the operation of your system. A thorough site survey includes:

More information on an RF Site Survey for Optimum Wireless LAN Performance

RF System Design and Project Management

The foundation of your system starts with a detailed questionnaire to put together critical information for a high performance system. E-mail us for more information about installing an RF project.

WincoID designs systems to meet your immediate requirements with your company's growth in mind. Our systems design team makes sure your system is flexible and can support additional terminals and an increased volume of transactions.

Our Continued Support

We see it through every phase of an RF installation from design to implementation, support and growth. Our knowledge and expertise is especially important when the output of an RF system ripples throughout an entire enterprise. WincoID works closely with our customers to ensure the entire process is successful. Our project managers take the lead to be sure systems operate efficiently and grow as your company grows.

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