About Wireless Data Collection

Effective information management is crucial for businesses that want to survive the blistering pace of change as we begin our journey into the new millennium. For many, barcode data collection is a key MIS component. The hottest technology in this field, one that offers instantaneous wireless access to critical information, is Radio Frequency Data Collection (RFDC). With a Wireless Network in place, people enjoy mobility, free from restraining tethers and wires, while collecting vital data wherever and whenever they need to. Access to real-time information is available anywhere in the organization to dramatically improve productivity and the ability to provide improved service.

Retail, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transportation/Logistics, Healthcare, Education/Libraries and many other industries are moving forward with Wireless technology.

Benefits of RFDC

How does it work?
Implementing a Wireless Data Collection System

Justifying the Costs of a Wireless Data Collection (RF) System
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