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Vivace solutions are not just about speed + distance. They are about service...
...about creating service where there used to be traffic.

At the core of our solutions is the need to address the worldwide market for IP-based backbone networking. Vivace's MPLS solutions allow IP-based networks to attain a whole new level of quality and service. Vivace's switches are built to optimize network capabilities, resulting in new value-added service offerings for customers.

Customer satisfaction is top-of-mind at Vivace Networks and we are committed to providing what our customers need and want.

MPLS is the key technology that will enable service providers to tackle the obstacles confronting next generation networks. It is also the key for improving traffic engineering and service flows on these networks. MPLS is designed to operate over all links including Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM and SONET, which translates to better traffic control and more effective and efficient use of bandwidth.

MPLS scales dramatically and can be utilized to enhance network performance, reduce operational costs and ultimately generate new revenues. By combining present day IP routing capabilities, top grade carrier switching, and MPLS technology we create a powerful, efficient, new-generation network characterized by speed, reliability and efficiency.

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