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Bandwidth requirements double every 4 months
--Raj Jain, Ohio State University

Now that almost everyone in the world is being impacted in one way or another by transactions on the internet, the business of doing business on the Internet can often mean the difference between success or failure for an organization. Initial requirements for more connections and increased bandwidth are quickly migrating to demands for advanced IP services to enhance content hosting, broadcast video and application outsourcing, as businesses recognize the value of the Internet as a strategic weapon.

In response to business customer demands, Service Providers are re-evaluating the way they design networks. They must now combine the best of circuit switched technology such as Quality of Service (QOS) and security, with the scalability and flexibility of IP technology. This must be done in a cost-effective manner to maintain profit margins, so Service Providers are increasingly looking to Multi-Protocol Label Switching or MPLS as the enabling technology for these new networks.

Vivace Networks is a leading developer of Optical Service Creation plaforms for service providers building the next generation public data network. Vivace delivers Multi Protocol Label Switching solutions that scale from 10Gbps to 2.5Tbps, enabling Service Providers to design powerful, scalable and secure multi-service networks that reduce operational costs and management complexity while increasing revenue. The company was founded in March of 1999 by Ken Koenig and Mitri Halabi. It is located at the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, CA, where it occupies several thousand square feet of office space, including a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art ASIC design center. Vivace currently employs 150 people, 150 of whom border on genius.

Translation: Vivace knows its stuff. It knows the future. It knows MPLS. Its solutions are so simple, cheap and fast they will leave the competition in the dust. Its engineers are world-class. Its technology - ahead of the rest.


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