Creating CitraTest VU Measurement Scripts

A CitraTest VU script can be deployed from the Load Machine to the Measurement Machine, and by modifying a single setting inside Playback Options it can be used to gather End-to-End response metrics.

The script measures End-to-End response time as seen through the actual client GUI by using "timers". Timer are given descriptive names and can be placed anywhere in the script logic. Multiple timers can be "running" simultaneously (i.e. “nested” timers). Generally, timers are "started" after initiating a "transaction", perhaps by clicking a button or typing Enter. Timers are “stopped” when an image that represents the expected response appears on the screen. Timers measure to the tenth of a second accuracy.

In this example script, timers are used to measure two responses: launching the ICA client and opening Excel:

CitraTest VU Example Scripts

Result Charts

The CitraTest VU measurement script shows timer results:

CitraTest VU Measurement Scripts

Also, the CitraTest VU measurement script can send timer metrics to a central results database. Predefined Crystal Reports are supplied with CitraTest VU:

CitraTest VU Scripts
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