CitraTest VU® Load Test Methodology - Non Intrusive - Real

With a CitraTest VU® load test, the most important metric is measured & analyzed; the End-to-End client side response time. Is End-to-End client GUI response time acceptable, and will it meet your service level requirements based on a predefined number of concurrent users?

In a CitraTest VU® load modeling scenario, the CitraTest VU® scripts replicate real user load & stress on the server(s)-under-test. Using a single test scenario you can model different levels of virtual user activity. Meanwhile, as the CitraTest VU® scripts generate load, a separate CitraTest VU® script measures and reports End-to-End response time from the actual client GUI:

  • The "Load Generating Machine" generates CitraTest VU® scripts that stress the server(s)-under-test.
  • The separate stand-alone "Measuring Machine" plays back CitraTest VU® scripts and gathers response metrics from the real user client GUI perspective.
  • A single load modeling scenario can vary the number of CitraTest VU® scripts stressing the server(s)-under-test, while the measurement scripts observe the effect on client side End-to-End response.

CitraTest VU Load TEst Methodology
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