CitraTest VU Load Test Configuration

CitraTest VU Load Test Configuration
CitraTest VU Load Machine CitraTest VU Load Machine

Generates load on the servers-under-test by playing the CitraTest VU Scripts.

CitraTest VU Servers Server(s)-Under-Test

Citrix MetaFrame, NFuse, Microsoft Terminal Services, etc...

CitraTest Measurement Machine CitraTest Measurement Machine

CitraTest scripts measure the on screen End-to-End response times in the client GUI while the VU scripts play back.

Configuring the CitraTest VU Load Machine

The CitraTest VU Load Machine is a server configured with Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server (32-bit and 64-bit). The scripts on the CitraTest VU Load Machine execute from the real user perspective, meaning they interact with the actual client GUI. Each CitraTest VU script executes on its’ own "desktop" and opens its’ own client connection to the server(s)-under-test, just as a group of real users would.

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