Unique CitraTest VU® Advantages

CitraTest VU® deploys intelligent, proprietary image recognition.

Image recognition is automatically built into every CitraTest VU® script. This allows the script to intelligently "synchronize" to the application-under-test during playback, allowing realistic and consistent virtual user activity. CitraTest uses dynamic image searching and does not require images to be displayed at the same location on the screen.

  • The first objective in accurate load modeling for Citrix/Terminal Services is generating realistic and consistent Virtual User activity. CitraTest VU®’s dynamic image recognition allows the scripts to play back repeatedly and successfully resulting in realistic and reliable load modeling scenarios. CitraTest VU® scripts are “intelligent” and verify that each application response is complete before continuing to the next step, regardless of the response latency. Other tools rely on time delays between steps and the scripts quickly fail when response times increase and they get “out of sync” with the application-under-test.

CitraTest VU accurately models real world user activity by using the actual client GUI.

CitraTest scripts replicate any real world transaction using the actual client interface.

  • CitraTest VU® measures the "real user experience" by gathering End-to-End response metrics directly from the actual client GUI.
  • A single CitraTest VU® load-modeling scenario can measure End-to-End response metrics under different levels of virtual user activity.

CitraTest VU® deploys a simple, intuitive scripting language: Visual Basic.

The scripting functions are easy to understand and translate into real user actions such as Clicking on predefined Images, Waiting for predefined Images, entering Keystrokes, Measuring Latency, etc. The empowering scripting Wizard automatically creates the all of the script logic.

  • CitraTest VU®’s Visual Basic scripting environment is simple, intuitive, and standard. CitraTest VU® scripting functions are easy to understand and translate to real user actions, such as Clicking, Verify, Waiting, Keystrokes, Timers, etc. CitraTest VU® allows any IT professional to quickly build test scripts from the real user perspective, by interacting with the application under test through the actual on-screen client interface, using the easy to understand CitraTest function set. Each test can realistically and intelligently replicate any real world activity, such as varying data entry, fail-state detection, and error handling.

CitraTest VU® supports any Citrix & Terminal Services Hosted environment.

CitraTest VU®; scripts support all versions of Citrix (MetaFrame, NFuse, Presentation Server) & all versions of Microsoft Terminal Services. In addition as all client versions are fully supported without modifications (web, NFuse, ICA, Terminal Services, RDP, etc).

CitraTest VU® tests your environment in the “as delivered, as deployed” state.

CitraTest VU® requires that nothing be installed on the servers-under-test, preserving the “as delivered, as deployed” test environment and valid server performance metrics.

CitraTest VU® offers value by fulfilling multiple enterprise requirements.

After load testing is finished, CitraTest VU® scripts can be used for ongoing Service Level Agreement (SLA) testing and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) via CitraTest APM®.

CitraTest VU® value proposition: the same scripts can be used for both Load Testing and ongoing Application Performance Monitoring via CitraTest APM®.
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