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Specialty Products
Advanced Recycling
Uranium Products

Innovators of Advanced Metal Products

Starmet is an innovator in the design, development and processing of specialty metals. We are a precision manufacturer of technologically sophisticated metal components and products as well as a leader in advanced metals conversion and recycling technologies. Our strategy is to continue to capitalize on our materials science and manufacturing expertise in order to introduce new products for high-growth opportunities in commercial markets.

Our five (5) product sectors are focused to quickly address the market needs for new materials and processing technologies:


Our family of beryllium-aluminum alloys are designed to meet demanding applications where light-weight, dimensional stability, stiffness and vibration damping properties are imperative.

High Purity Metal Powders

PREP® (Plasma Rotating Electrode Process), our proprietary process for producing ultra-clean spherical powders, has allowed us to enter new business opportunities in powder metallurgy components, cryogenic refrigeration and super-conducting materials.

Specialty Products

Starmet develops and manufacturers a range of advanced metal products to answer the needs of the satellite and commercial aerospace industries. Our seamless beryllium tubes are key structural components for the latest digital telecommunication satellites.

Advanced Recycling Technology

We develop and provide a variety of reclamation processes based on our longstanding metallurgical, radiological and chemical know-how. Our "Beneficial Reuse" process technologies convert radioactive scrap material into reusable products.

Uranium Products

By operating the only fully integrated depleted uranium facility in North America, we are able to produce a wide range of uranium products for the energy, nuclear medicine, defense and aerospace industries.