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Welcome to the Starmet website. Since our beginning in 1942 as the metallurgical laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Starmet has continued to be a leader in new materials development and innovative technology serving the global marketplace.

We manufacture specialty products based on advanced extrusion, powder metallurgy, and melting and casting technologies for today's complex needs. The aerospace, energy, material recycling, medical, defense, computer and sporting goods industries are all proving grounds for our capabilities.

 The Starmet Difference:
Satisfying today's diverse material needs

From laboratory research, through the manufacture and delivery of fully finished products, Starmet can answer all of your material needs. Our solutions today are helping energy facilities reuse and recycle legacy materials, creating a healthier environment.

Our latest technological breakthrough is Beralcast®, a patented family of investment cast beryllium-aluminum alloys designed to meet material specifications for weight, stiffness and vibration damping. These unique alloys are already satisfying weight critical structural requirements in advanced aerospace and commercial applications.

This website will allow you to explore our company and its family of products and solutions. Contact us so we can share a new world in metallurgy.