As an innovator in the design, development and processing of specialty metals, our central focus is to capitalize on our technical diversity in materials engineering. The company's strategy is to grow revenues and profits by exploiting our materials expertise to develop new products for commercial markets.

Our success will be measured by the leadership role we play not only with our customers, but within our community and with our technology partners.



Key Customers

    • United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC)
      In an effort to reduce and convert depleted uranium (DU) stockpiles to useful products and materials, USEC has awarded Starmet CMI a $13 million contract for the conversion of depleted uranium hexafluoride (UF6) to DU metals, DU oxide and Fluorine mining products.
    • Lockheed Martin
      Speed, maneuverability, strength and performance are all essential for the Army's next generation helicopter, RAH-66 Comanche. Key mechanical components of the Comanche's electro-optical sensor system (EOSS) require a combination of high stiffness, low weight, and good dimensional stability. To meet these material challenges, Lockheed Martin selected Beralcast® for these key mechanical components.


    • Alexandria Extrusion Company
      Internationally recognized as a leader in the design and fabrication of aluminum extrusions for Hard Disc Drive (HDD) actuators, Starmet has teamed with Alexandria to produce high value HDD Beryllium Aluminum extrusions for the computer industry.
    • Nu-Cast Corporation
      In the development of our Beralcast® family of beryllium-aluminum alloys, NuCast has played a strategic role in the engineering and manufacturing of our ceramic shells, wax injection tools and injection patterns. In addition, they have assisted us with concurrent investment casting engineering.