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Everett, MA
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With Signature Banking, you start with the Eagle Bank Debit/ATM card - free ATM use at ATMs worldwide1 and there are no transfer charges with overdraft balance protection (automatic funds transfer from savings to your checking account).

As a Signature Banking customer, you also have access to the Eagle T-Account, a sure way to watch your savings grow. With this statement savings account, the higher your daily balance within defined dollar ranges, the higher the Annual Percentage Yield (APY). That portion of the account with balances of $25,000 or more earn the highest APY, which is based on results of the 91-day Treasury Bill auction held by the Federal Reserve (repriced weekly).

As a Signature Banking customer with a minimum combined balance of $30,0002, you also get bonus CD rates. Every time you open a new CD or rollover a CD - no matter what the term - 0.10% will automatically be added to our current CD rate. Plus, you get a 1/2% discount on any consumer installment loan.3
  • Eagle T-Account (preferred savings account)
  • Checking account with no monthly maintenance charge and per check charge4
  • Unlimited no-fee non-Eagle Bank ATM transactions
  • $300 credit toward closing costs for new 1-4 family residential mortgages
  • BONUS CD rates5
  • Reduced safe deposit rent (first year)
  • FREE standard checks - plus re-orders6
  • No-Fee Overdraft Balance Protection
  • FREE Money orders and Treasurer's checks
  • FREE standard American Express Travelers' Checks

1Surcharges may be accessed by other institutions for the use of their ATM.
2A monthly maintenance charge applies if your daily minimum combined balance drops below $30,000. Signature Banking includes (a) one primary checking account, (b) market rate investment accounts, (c) passbook savings accounts, (d) regular statement savings accounts, (e) keyRate account, (f) Eagle T-Account, (g) certificates of deposits and (h) consumer loans except collateral loans.
3Consumer lines of credit are excluded. Residential mortgages are not classified as consumer loans.
4Minimum deposit $10.00 to open a CheckRight account. Approval to open a CheckRight account is subject to a normal bank inquiry.
5Not available on special offers.
6This applies to standard checks only. If ordering other selections, a credit equal to the cost of the graystone checks will be applied.

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