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Everett, MA
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Our small business online banking services have been designed to change your perspective on the cash management needs of your business. Our goal is to make your business more profitable through increased efficiencies and effectiveness of your accounting department. You choose the service that fits your business best.

Basic eBusiness

BASIC eBusiness  is geared toward sole proprietors and businesses with less than five employees. EAGLE eXchange is better suited for businesses needing access for two or more people.

BASIC eBusiness  provides the ability for businesses like yours to perform the following functions:
  • Account Summary
  • Account Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Balance Reporting
  • File Download
  • Stock Quotes
All these features - and more - are available online in an user friendly overview.*

Try our online demo now.

*BASIC eBusiness is best viewed with: Netscape 4.5 or higher; Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher; AOL 4.0 or higher.

Eagle eXchangeSM

With EAGLE eXchange, your business has the power to manage multiple accounts, loans, and lines of credit. It enables you to manage all your accounts in one place, offering the features and functionality your business needs today. In addition to all of the functionality and capabilities of BASIC eBusiness, EAGLE eXchange also offers the robust features that your business demands.** You select the package best suited for your business needs.
  • Security Management Console
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Interface with financial management software
  • Perform funds transfers
  • Balance reporting
  • Stop payment placement and inquiry
  • Online services
  • Bill pay
EAGLE eXchange is designed by features into three distinct suites:

EAGLE eXtraSM  |   EAGLE eXecutiveSM   |  EAGLE eXclusiveSM

Each one of the EAGLE eXchange suites can help you leverage the Internet to your advantage and change your perspective on banking and the way you do business.

Try our online demo now.

**EAGLE eXchange supports Netscape 4.5 and higher (Netscape 6.0 is not currently supported) and Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5SP1; Netscape 4.5 and higher for Mac's. or higher; AOL 4.0 or higher.
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