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Everett, MA
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Managing Your Money in Good Times and Bad - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Spending Less
  • Savings More
  • Protecting Against Fraud
  • Borrowing Wisely
Get a Good Night's Sleep - Click here to download the pdf.
  • How the FDIC protects depositors
  • Tips for trying to fix a clogged or "frozen" home equity line
  • Beware of fraud originating in phone messages and faxes
  • "Green" banking
Money Tips for All Ages - Click here to download the pdf.
  • At any age or stage
  • For teens and young adults
  • Newlyweds, midlife and parents
  • Before and after you retire
The FDIC at 75 - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Know your insurance limits
  • How the FDIC helps consumers
  • Then and now
  • Fine tune your finances
The New Climate for Mortgage Borrowers - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Beware of mortgage scams
  • FDIC insurance - you've got questions, we've got answers
  • Timely tips for tax season
  • What's new on the net
Save Hundreds on Loans and Credit Cards - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Cutting your costs
  • Borrower beware
  • Credit cards, home and auto loans
  • Paying for college - financing a small business
Speed Paying and Banking - Click here to download the pdf.
  • High tech cards and phones
  • Don't get burned by hot investments
  • News briefs
  • Test your money management IQ
Simple Strategies for Managing Your Money - Click here to download the pdf.
  • 5 things you can do
  • 5 top reasons people contact the FDIC
  • 5 sources you can turn to
  • A final exam
Avoiding Costly Banking Mistakes - No Trivial Pursuit - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Fraud alerts
  • New safety procedures for Internet banking
  • New law promotes retirement savings
  • New options for direct deposit of tax refunds
  • A shopping list: Money tips for the holidays . . . and year-round
Start Smart - Money management for teens - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Saving money
  • Investing money
  • Borrowing money
  • Protect against ID theft
  • Test your money management IQ
Deposit Insurance - How much do you know? - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Common misconceptions
  • What's new, what's not
  • You get a large windfall - is it all insured?
  • Deposit Insurance Calculator - Click here for more info
Banking on the Baby Boomers - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Are baby boomers financially prepared for retirement?
  • The shift away from defined benefit plans
  • The demographics of housing demand
  • Regional demographic and banking trends
  • How aging baby boomers are changing the financial marketplace
SPECIAL - What you should know about higher FDIC coverage for retirement accounts - Click here to download the pdf
Fires & Floods: Are You Prepared Financially? - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Consumer Alerts
  • Beware of Disaster-Related Financial Scams
  • Online Banking, Shopping & Bill Paying
  • New Verification Procedures
  • FDIC Insurance Update
A Special Guide for Young Adults - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Taking control of your finances
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Protecting against fraud
  • A "To-Do" list for key stages in your life
  • Hi-Tech banking, 24/7
  • Take our financial aptitude test
  • Five things to know about credit cards and checking accounts
A Special Guide for Seniors and Families - Click here to download the pdf.
  • Fiscal Fitness for Older Americans
  • Helping your money last . . . after your last paycheck
  • Avoiding frauds that target the elderly
  • How to simplify and organize your finances
  • Giving others access to bank accounts and safe deposit boxes
  • Seven things to know about FDIC insurance
  • Take our quiz on money management for seniors
A Shopper's Guide to Bank Products & Services - Click here to download the pdf.
  • What to Know and Ask about: mortgages, home equity products, credit cards, checking accounts and more
  • Credit reports, credit scores and your buying power
  • Pros and cons of banking over the Internet
  • Does a gift for opening an account make for a great deal?
  • Banks as financial supermarkets
  • A basic shopping list for bank customers
  • How the FDIC can help you shop
You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files. This is a free software program and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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