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Everett, MA
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Double-Play CD

With our double-play CD you have 2 opportunities to step-up the interest rate*. That's right. You control the interest rate on your CD, not once - but twice. Now that's taking 2 big steps forward!

Here's how it works: with $2,000, you can open a 3-year Double-Play CD. Then just watch for the interest rate to change any time over the next three years. If there's a new 3-year CD interest rate you like better, you'll have the option to step-up to a higher rate for the remainder of the term of the CD. Then if there's another new 3-year CD interest rate you like even better, you can step-up to a higher rate again for the remainder of the term of the CD.

Remember, good rates don't come along everyday. But if one does - good. If another one does - that's even better.
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*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 3/26/09. With the current double-play "step-up" feature, customers have the option to change the rate on their account on two occasions during the original term of this certificate of deposit. If you decide to exercise this option the rate will change to the current rate. The current rate is defined as the rate being offered by the bank (at the time you exercise your option) on the CD's with the same term as the original term of your account. If you renew your account, you may retain the "step-up" option for the renewed account at the term identified above, only if the "step-up" feature is being offered on that particular term account at the time of renewal. Rates subject to change without notice. Minimum deposit to open the CD and obtain the APY is $2,000. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Other terms and rates available.
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