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Everett, MA
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With Checkout, every check you write is pictured on your monthly statement. Instead of sorting through pile after pile of canceled checks, you can simply scan a neatly organized page or two. Exact images of every check appear in numerical order.

Checkout FAQs:

What is check imaging?
Using technology, we are able to scan the front and back of your original checks into our computer system and permanently store them. The image becomes a permanent digital document, and can be reproduced at any time. This system is a vast improvement over the traditional microfilm used to store your records at the bank.

How does it benefit me as a customer?
  • Easier account reconciliation - Your imaged checks are provided presorted by check number. Beneath each check image, clearly printed, is the check number, the date the item was posted, and the amount of the check. These features make account reconciliation faster and easier than ever before.
  • A ready-made filing system for you - Statements and checks are printed on paper that is already hole punched and ready for storage in a three-ring binder. Your statements and check images will be neatly together, all in one place and readily available for fingertip reference. No more digging through over-stuffed drawers, bulky envelopes, or overflowing shoe boxes for a particular check.
  • Income tax preparation is easier - The convenience of having all your checking account records for the year organized in a binder will certainly be helpful for you and/or your tax preparer.
  • Enhanced bank research capabilities - When you need information, or copies of the front or back of any check that has been processed, it can be made available more quickly. Copies can be picked up, faxed or mailed within 24 hours.
What if I need proof that I paid for something?
No problem. Imaged checks are fully accepted by the IRS and in a court of law. Plus, if you need a copy of the front or back of any item, we can provide it quickly, just stop by any of our branch locations or call us at 1-800-BANK-EAGLE.

How long does the Bank store my imaged checks?
We will always have a record of every item that is processed through our system. All items are stored on optical disk.

Why does Eagle Bank use check imaging?
We are committed to exceeding your expectations. The check image system (we call it Checkout) allows us to offer you a better checking service at no charge to you. By keeping up with technology enhancements, we can service your needs faster and more efficiently.

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