Anita Collins, MSW, LICSW
Anita Collins


As we approach our fifties and sixties we begin to look at the years ahead differently. Some feel satisfied with their lives so far and want to be able to contribute, to give back to society. Others feel the urge to revisit dreams that were tabled while they built careers and/or families. As we review the decades that have passed and shift our attention forward, most of us want to create future decades that are fulfilling, productive and meaningful. The two workshops described below use a coaching approach to help you make that happen.

Embracing Midlife is a workshop designed for women in midlife or beyond, who want to make changes in their work and/or personal lives.

This workshop helps women:

  • assess all aspects of their lives, including work, finances, relationships, health and wellness
  • clarify personal values
  • set realistic goals and action plans
  • hold themselves accountable

Redesigning Retirement, creating the life you love, is a workshop for women and men who are thinking about retiring or who have already made the transition.

Workshop participants will explore new ways to:

  • work
  • engage in their community
  • envision their ideal living environment
  • continue to learn and grow