Anita Collins, MSW, LICSW
Anita Collins


Anita brings a wealth of experience to her coaching practice. In her early career she helped many women develop career and life plans that changed their lives.

During her many years as a licensed clinical therapist, Anita focused on helping clients to cope more effectively with life transitions through individual counseling and educational workshops. She also developed stress management programs for employees in various settings to help them manage work and personal stressors as well as gain more balance in their lives.

Through that work, she discovered that what she most enjoys is helping clients design the lives they really love and found that coaching is the way to do that.

In her coaching practice, although she specializes in career issues for women in midlife and the transition to retirement for individuals and couples. Anita helps clients assess satisfaction in all aspects of their lives. Clients decide what area of life they want to change, define their goals, and develop strategies to attain them. Her coaching provides the framework in which to ensure that clients can focus on realizing their dreams

Coaching sessions can be individual or in groups and usually take place by phone; however, face to face meetings may be arranged. Coaching groups are offered for midlife women who want to change careers and for men and women dealing with retirement transitions.

To schedule a complimentary 30 minute telephone coaching session call or e-mail Anita at:

999 999-9999