Anita Collins, MSW, LICSW
Anita Collins


Here are some testimonials from people like you who have learned to get more out of their lives with help from Anita.

“My coaching sessions with Anita Collins are invaluable to me. I could never have reached my goal to open my own therapy practice without the steady, consistent coaching that I received from our sessions. Before I began this work, I was skeptical about how this could be of help, but I cannot say enough about the results. I was encouraged by Anita to work toward my goals step-by-step and not to become discouraged when things did not happen the way I anticipated. She helped me to see the big picture and not lose sight of my goals. After just over a year, I had to move to a larger office to accommodate my very successful practice.”

Kathe H., Rochester, N.Y.

“I was lucky to find Anita, who not only guided me with my career plans, but who also emphasized the importance of exploring my whole person, not just my job. As it turned out, that was just what I needed.

Through my coaching, I evaluated all aspects of my life from my job to my values, from my mental and physical health to my social outlets, from my personal goals to my life mission. It was the reality check I needed to help me realize I didn’t have to stay in an unhealthy, unhappy place. I had the power to align my values with my interests and skills to move forward in search of my true self and true life mission.

I have since changed careers, moved to a community I love, and addressed other issues in my life that have been holding me back. I am on the path to a new life and am grateful that my coaching experience gave me the tools to make a better life for myself.”

Jill C., N.H.