Anita Collins, MSW, LICSW
Anita Collins

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching fees vary according to the number of sessions you want to schedule each month. While I may make recommendations about length and frequency, you ultimately decide how you want to manage your coaching sessions.

Is coaching like therapy?

While coaching and therapy are very different, there are some similarities. Confidentiality is mandated in both professional services. Coaches as well as therapists are qualified through their respective training programs. Therapy is recommended when someone is having problems that they are unable to cope with on their own. Often, these problems are rooted in the past and are classified as mental health problems. Coaching, on the other hand, is suggested when someone is ready to make changes in their lives that will result in a more fulfilling future. Unlike therapy where the therapist may be seen as expert, your coach is with you on an equal playing field helping you forward your agenda.

What issues will we address?

Coaching helps you look at all aspects of your life and assess where you want to effect change. It may be that you are very satisfied with your personal life but frustrated in your career and feeling stuck. You may be happy with your career choice but may be struggling to find time in your life for friends, family or yourself. You may be contemplating retirement but your spouse wants to continue to work for 20 more years. While I have a significant background in women’s issues, career, work and retirement, adult development and relationships, you choose what you want to work on and I will help you to set goals and stay focused on attaining them.