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Peter Leitner - VP SalesToday's Topic: Soy Proteins
Presented by: Peter Leitner, VP Sales


"Soy Protein formulations encompass many soy derived ingredients including soy isolates, soy concentrates, soy flour, textured soy and others. Soy proteins have become universally accepted, amazingly versatile, and very beneficial in producing healthy, low fat foods. In addition to augmenting overall protein content, soy enhances and stabilizes texture and emulsions, reduces shrinkage by binding water and fat, and improves the appearance and mouthfeel of the product. Unfortunately, most soy based ingredients are difficult to disperse and hydrate effectively, and complete functionality and utilization can only be obtained with proper mixing.


Admix has had an outstanding track record with soy going back to the early 1990's with the advent of a surge of soy based meat and poultry products. Our Rotostat emulsifier is in service in over 300 processing lines using soy isolates, while recently our Rotosolver has been the equipment choice due to it's cleanability and low maintenance features. Either machine provides high shear rates to intimately reduce the soy particles to prevent fish eyes and balling of the soy, a strong vortex to rapidly incorporate powders, and a typical batch can be completed in under 10 minutes.


The PIC Powder Induction & Conveying System provides rapid introduction and wetting out of dry solids and/or liquid ingredients. The ergonomic system features a large hopper to feed your powders at ground level, and the Optifeed eductor quickly sucks the solids into the mix tank eliminating climbing.


You'll save on ingredient costs, reduce processing time, improve product yields, and more than likely simply provide a better tasting and textured product than possible with conventional mixers. Give us a try!"


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