Available Printer Solutions: 
Wide format printer for tough labeling applications of inventory or for high volume warehousing where durability and reliability is required. This mission-critical system will print wide labels that other units cannot accommodate. Great for industry compliance applications.
Wireless, plug & play connectivity
makes printing from anywhere easy.

Heavy-Duty Label Printing System
GS-WZ-1 $7,055

This powerful unit will work 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week. Dual sensors allow you to print tags or labels - with or without sensor marks or notches. Store large databases in queue without slowing the print process using 8MB memory on board. Easy to install, configure and operate anywhere with its full function back-lit front panel and multilingual LCD display.
Zebra 170xiIII - 300 DPI reliable printer with fast formatting and prints wide-format labels up to 6.6" in a 24-hour duty cycle.
Plan IV Service Offers on-site coverage, includes parts and labor, excluding print head for one year from date of purchase.
Label Design & Bar Code Software, windows-based to make designing and printing the smallest labels with symbols and text with excellent print quality easy. And it interfaces with most existing databases.
Dual Processor with the latest risc technology, enhances print speed and thru-put. 3.2" print width expands beyond the ordinary print capabilities of other models.
Out-of-the-box Connectivity Serial and high-speed parallel connects printer to any common PC or laptop computing system.
Installation, Training and Delivery Winco will set up and instruct the proper operation of printer and software.
Starter Labeling Kit. Includes approximately $500 of free labels in paper, direct thermal and polyester with one wax ribbon and label selection guide.

Adhere to the most stringent Compliance labeling specifications (AIAG, NLEA, SCC-14, EIA/Electronics and more.)

The 2D PDF 417 is the recommended symbology of choice for warehousing applications.

A workhorse that can print labels 6.6" wide at 8 IPS in a demanding 24-hour, 7 days/week environments. Only Zebra offers 57.6 Baud-rate for the fastest thru-put available in the industry.

Automatic media sensor allows for first label out of machine printing capabilities.

Active messaging for error notification with web-enabled monitoring and configuring capabilities. Have instant notification for printer's status no matter where you are in the world. Use wireless communications capabilities to set your printer options.

Back Lit LCD panel allows for at print adjustments of printing without programming experience.

With 16MB of memory, larger labels can be printed.

110 and 220 auto sensing for international use.



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