Available Printer Solutions: 

Designed expressly for printing clear, crisp text, graphics, regulatory markings and high density bar codes in small spaces.

The world's first printers to combine active alert messaging for printer status notification with web-enabled monitoring and configuring capabilities.

Wireless, plug & play connectivity
makes printing from anywhere easy.

GS-EZ1  Hi-Res/Graphics & 2-D Bar Code  $6,429
Our most advanced high
tolerance print system is ideal for applications that require small, hi-resolution bar code labels, such as tracking printed circuit boards and small parts and identifying small products. High resolution printing provides maximum readability in minimum space. Industrial strength and proven reliability of this system withstands the most demanding 24/7 production environments and will provide years of service.
The Zebra 96xiIII - 600 DPI is your choice when quality output of text, graphics and multi dimensional bar codes are required in a demanding 24-hour duty cycle environment.
Out-of-the-box Connectivity Serial and high-speed parallel connects printer to any common PC or laptop computing system. Connects easily to your corporate wired or wireless network for printing from any location.
Plan IV Service Includes parts and labor, excluding print head for one year from date of purchase.
Label Design & Bar Code Software, windows-based to make designing and printing the smallest labels with excellent print quality easy. And it interfaces with most existing databases.
Dual Processor with the latest risc technology, enhances print speed and thru-put. 3.2" print width expands beyond the ordinary print capabilities of other models.
Installation, Training and Delivery Winco will set up and instruct the proper operation of printer and software.
Starter Labeling Kit. Includes approximately $500 of free labels in paper, direct thermal and polyester with one wax ribbon and label selection guide.



High resolution printing of 2D bar code for large groups of information printed in small areas. For the electronics industry, the Data Matrix code is preferred.

Exacting tolerance is an important feature to consider when printing small labels. High printing tolerances are achieved with this Model (+/- .030) due to the Dual Sensor Design. This allows the printing of small labels down to .15 inches in height.

600 DPI high resolution printing gives the best quality printed output in the thermal transfer market place today. Use to print clean and crisp corporate logos and 2D bar codes for enhanced scanning.

Bi-directional parallel port to enhance communications to and from your printer back to the originating host.

Active messaging for error notification with web-enabled monitoring and configuring capabilities. Have instant notification for printer's status no matter where you are in the world. Use wireless communications capabilities to set your printer options.

8MB of memory allows larger graphics to download and print with ease.

Dual 32-bit risc processors produces the fastest first label out of the machine than any other TT Printer with 8 IPS print speed to increase your label print production up to 100%.

PCMCIA cards can store label print graphics and custom fonts for faster processing.


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