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Coloriffics is a national manufacturer and retailer of Special Occasion Shoes, Evening Shoes, Dyeable Shoes

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Sizzle, a division of Coloriffics, focuses on tween and teen Evening Prom Shoes, Silver Prom Shoes, Prom Shoes

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Offers a range of products and services for markets including Wedding Shoes, Wedding Sandals, Bridal Shoes. Coloriffics Shoes- Speen and Co. has been a member since 2009 in the Clothing and Accessories directory.

Category: Wedding Shoes, Wedding Sandals, Bridal Shoes

Provides full-service adult diaper, plasticpants, products for incontinence services for customers needing needing incontinence protection for day-to-day living and comfort. Visit to take advantage of our special rates today.

Category: Adult Diaper, Plasticpants, Products For Incontinence

Retailer of rubberpants, plastic wear, adult baby. Located in the Clothing and Accessories directory since 2011, Fetware strives to provide superior service and sell the highest quality products.

Category: Rubberpants, Plastic Wear, Adult Baby

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Find out where you can get MA persian Rug Cleaning, NH oriental rugs, persian and oriental rugs, persian carpets, NH oriental rug cleaning. Since 2010, Persian Rugs of Nashua, NH has been listed in the Gifts Arts and Other directory.

Category: Ma Persian Rug Cleaning, Nh Oriental Rugs, Persian And Oriental Rugs, Persian Carpets, Nh Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Burkart Flutes is a premiere flute and piccollo company. Their custom flutes are designed by award-winning artists for bringing out the best in classical, jazz and other styles with flair.

Category: Professional Flute, Custom Piccolo, Flute And Piccolo Headjoint

Providing high quality new Burkart-Phelan-Resona resona flutes. Since 2012, Burkart-Phelan-Resona has participated in the Retail directory.

Category: Resona Flutes



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NOIR was born in the summer of 1997

n the beautiful mountains and lush green valleys of Woodstock, New York, where they endured the tail end of a music scene that had briefly flourished in the famous artistic community way back in the 90's. But with the death of grunge and the advent of year 2000 looming large, Daren(guitar/vocal) and Dan(bass) moved NOIR to South Florida, and hooked up with ROB(drummer), also a professional contractor and seasoned studio musician, who taught Daren and Dan how to build a state-of-the-art Recording Studio, which they then added to Rob and Jen's house out in Loxahatchee. In the beginning Dan and Daren humbly slept on Jen's couches (thanks Jen!) until Daren moved to nearby West Palm Beach to make and live in another studio devoted to Multi-Media Web Presentation. Dan ensued and moved into an artist's loft. "We put the EWE in STUDIO," says Dan.

fter spending two or so years locked up in their new studio, writing material (there are as of now over 115 copywritten songs) and literally tweaking out the exact dimensions of the rooms for recording ("only the correct math will make a snare sound like it should"), NOIR began playing around South Florida, enjoying humble beginnings at places like CHURCHILL'S PUB in Miami, but rapidly gaining attention to eventually play at much bigger venues like the Mars Music Amphitheater VIP Lounge in West Palm Beach with Godsmack (2001) and GREENDAY/ BLINK 182 (2002).

OIR writes, records, masters, and distributes everything In House, having two studios now, located in Loxahatchee and in West Palm Beach, FL. All Audio CD's and Digital Videos are copywritten by NOIRtm / © DAREN THOMAS TURNER © BREAKING RECORDS, INC., All Rights Reserved.

OIR is currently recording their 2nd full length CD which shall be due out by SEPTEMBER, 2002, with an accompanying DVD of MUSIC VIDEOS due out by CHRISTMAS, 2002. At that time both CD and DVD will be available 4 $ale here at

here is no other band like NOIR and there never will be. There is no other way to describe them. More than a band, NOIR is a HEADSPACE where the risks are always taken, where reality loses it's grip, and where beauty and fear make love...

"La Belle Dame Sans Merci, C'est NOIR"

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