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"I was skeptical about learning guitar by mail, but after I spoke with Rick at Guitar School, I decided to go for it. When I received my lesson, I was amazed at how easy-to-follow it was, and how the month had been broken down week by week for me. The pictures and steps are great, and having the rhythms and examples on the tape was very helpful. I can't wait to order my next month."
Jim P. 36 year old Ohio Accountant

"I gig full-time, and working in the studio takes up all the time I have left. When I was looking into guitar lessons, I couldn't find any instructors to fit my schedule. I heard about Guitar School, and have been taking lessons that are very detailed to my specific requests, and are set up in a way that keeps me interested. The speed that I learn at is awesome, and the guys in the band can't believe how much my playing has improved."
Stan Q. 24 year old Massachusetts Musician

"When I found this website, I thought A.D.G.I. was a great idea. I ordered, received my custom lesson plan three days later, and love it. This was perfect for me. My friends in the dorm couldn't believe the results, and now three of them are A.D.G.I. students."
David M. 19 year old Boston, Massachusetts college student

"I've been trying to teach myself guitar for years. A friend told me about the A.D.G.I, and after being enrolled for just one month I knew I had found a great way to learn to play guitar. I love that I can learn on my own time and practice after the kids go to bed. My questions are always answered the same day I send an email, and someone's always there for me when I call the 800 number. I enjoy learning like this, and plan to continue for a long time."
Joanna K. 35 year old full-time Mom from New Jersey

"I love all music, and wanted to learn as many forms and styles as I could. With Guitar School, I've studied acoustic rock, jazz and heavy metal. The teachers are always there for me. They're great."
Jess M. 40 year old Florida Computer Technologist

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