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Many people want to know how we go about developing custom lessons for each student from scratch. In order for each student to achieve the results they want, several steps need to be taken to ensure that each lesson plan perfectly fits each student.

  1. You fill out the Student Lesson Form, indicating your experience, style, level of knowledge, goals, etc.
  2. The results of the Student Lesson Form are then downloaded by one of our 12 instructors, analyzed, and sent to the instructor who best fits your particular needs.
  3. The instructor who receives the Lesson Form results goes through it carefully, and will contact you directly if any of the information you submitted is unclear.
  4. When we have all of the information we need, we begin filling an empty binder with the specific information you requested. Sheet music, charts, pictures, text and all other appropriate information that the instructor feels you will need to reach your goals.
  5. Once all of the tools you'll need are together, your custom lesson packet is bound.
  6. Although your custom lesson packet is complete, the instructor still adds audiotapes, CD's, or videos, whatever additional material you'll need to be successful.
  7. The President of Guitar School is given your lesson plan, and checks it against the results of your Student Lesson Form to make sure that all of the tools you need are included.
  8. Your lesson plan is shipped to your doorstep WITHIN one day of receipt of your Student Lesson Form.

And that is how each student is able to receive a custom learning program that has been put together by a carefully chosen personal instructor.

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