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My name is Rick Napolitano and I have been teaching guitar for as long as I can remember. I have been through it all with playing guitar, having watched how students respond to different types of instruction. Many people have a hard time sticking with learning guitar, and finding quality instruction.

I started A.D.G.I after testing the program with my private students over four years ago. I found that by giving them material to take home and study, that they actually learned at a much faster pace. I then stopped seeing student once a week, and started mailing them their lessons each month. To say the least 99% of those students are still with A.D.G.I.

I consulted with many guitar instructors who further helped me create this system. Many of those instructors were blown away by the idea and are now working with me, teaching guitar players all over the world. We have invested in top of the line music editing software to help us create and develop your personal lessons. We research and make sure we stay ahead of the times to give you the best possible guitar instruction.

So that's it! We started this journey over four years ago and it has been the best thing we have ever done. We are the creators of the A.D.G.I method and will continue making the lessons available to you.

Rick Napolitano

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