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Residential Loans
Title and Closing for Purchases and Refinances
The Firm represents all levels of financing from the largest institutional lenders to small mortgage brokers on residential purchases and refinances.  In coordination with that work we examine the title, negotiate the purchase and sale agreement, clear and certify title, prepare the transfer documents, coordinate and do the closing, and record the documents. Our work also includes a large practice in private wealth management and high end clients. [More...]

Commercial Loans
Title and Closing
The Firm represents a number of small as well as national banks in commercial transactions where we act as bank counsel.  We prepare all of the commercial loan documents and negotiate the transactions on behalf of the lender with counsel for the borrower.  We work both with our own proprietary documents as well as those of the lender. We also represent a number of private lenders in deals that can not otherwise be financed conventionally.  [More...]

Buyer/Seller Representation
We represent buyers individually in their purchase of homes and sellers in the sale.  As a courtesy to many first time buyers we provide them with a discount when we also act at closing attorney.  [More...]

Estate Planning/Corporate Matters
We work on estate matters such as wills, trusts and powers of attorneys as well as the transfer of property into various trust vehicles.  We also form corporations.  [More...]

Corporate Relocation.
We represent most of the leading relocation companies in both departure and destination services.  Our work includes the drafting and negotiation of the purchase and sales agreement in accordance with the guidelines of the relocation client through to the sale of the property.  Our office is a member of the Employee Relocation Council and is familiar with many of the nuances of the relocation industry.  [More...]

Reverse Mortgages
The Firm was one of the first law firms in the region to close on reverse mortgage transactions and has had a large practice in this area for a number of years representing all of the major reverse mortgage lenders directly and through brokers.  The firm has utilized reverse mortgages as a workout tool and actively
participates with bankruptcy and elder law attorneys and non-profits to
increase their utilization.  [More...]

REO Sales
The firm is the leader in the region in representing servicers on the sale portion of all REO transactions.  We work with almost all major asset management companies directly and through third party servicing companies.  We are involved, as needed,  in all aspects of the closing process including the title examination; clearing title;  preparation of the purchase and sales agreement; coordination of the closing; approval of the HUD;  recording; and distribution of the proceeds.  We have also been involved in the purchase and sale of REO pools.  [More...]

Short Sales/Loan Workouts/Loan Modifications
The Firm has been recognized as an innovator and leader in structuring short sales, workouts and loan modifications.  We have negotiated a number of transactions on behalf of either the creditor or the debtor many of which have resulted in
creative solutions including utilizing reverse mortgages with the workout for
qualified borrowers.  [More...]

Default Services/Foreclosures and Evictions/ Bankruptcy
The Firm represents most of the major national lenders, servicers, and asset management companies either directly or through third party companies such as LPS, First American National Default Services, REOTrans, REOnet and others.  We provide cradle to grave services including foreclosures, title clearance, relief of stay motions, evictions and REO sales.  [More...]

Real Estate Litigation
In the event of issues or problems with respect to real estate, the Firm is prepared to work on all matters through negotiation or litigation.  The issues are varied and involve many areas such as title clearance; disputes between parties; zoning and building violations; deposit and escrow issues; contract disputes; and hazardous substances.  [More...]

Landlord/Tenant; Leasing
The Firm represents both landlords and tenants in all aspects of leasing including the review and drafting of both residential and commercial leases as well as related documents.  We also deal with municipalities on related building and
zoning issues.  [More...]

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